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Dave Story

track cover

By Interrobang.
Cover art by Cloudaria.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 1:24.

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Tracks that Dave Story references:

Artist commentary:

Cloudaria: (Artist)

one day i got bored, and wanted to shitpost make art for this album. i asked around for homestuck shitpost ideas, got a cave story pun, and thought that would be fucking great for a jpeg track. here we are now.

Interrobang: (Composer)

ive been working on this one for quite a while. The beginning (done somewhere around 7 months ago or so) was pretty basic, but once this album got closer to completion I went back to it and made some additions that hopefully make it a bit cooler. Anyway, the whole piece was done in pxtone, a DAW created by the maker of cave story, for cave story's music, hence, Dave Story

And another thing: If you fuckig call this shit song a soundfont swap again I will come to your fucking house and play both is and the original Beatdown by Curt NOROCK Blakeslee at the same time, one into each of your ears, at +20 decibels. FUCK YOU

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