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A Spirited Conversation [Sprite Interaction]

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By Veritas Unae veritasunae Bandcamp veritasunae SoundCloud and Charles Neudorf kirihito1 YouTube.
Cover art by Adoxographist adoxographist Tumblr.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 2:08.

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Tracks that A Spirited Conversation [Sprite Interaction] references:

Artist commentary:

Veritas Unae:

While Metamorphic Choices does well enough as a generic Sprite/Prototyping piece, remixing it with Crazy-8 just allowed us to explore the theme a little more and give an alternate, more diverse song. A Sprited Conversation is a nice contrast to the original chiptune song. Props to Imbrog and Shadolith for providing piano and accordian, respectively.

Charles Neudorf:

For "A Spirited Conversation" I once again contacted Veri and sent him a quick piano part I had written up as a suggestion for a "Sprite exposition theme." Veri went above the call of duty and actually finished pretty much most of the song by himself! Then it was simply a matter of asking Imbrog and Shadolith for the respective piano and accordian recordings. Thanks again guys!!!


While I was listening to A Spirited Conversation, it sounded kind of dark, but with a hopeful ending which reminded me of the moment where the players and their sprites separated. I guess this sort of idea that you have to leave a friend, but you know that thanks to that friend, you're strong enough to carry on. What was really tough was this idea of... How on earth do you show the relationship between a fellow and his sprite when his sprite is a book and has no human-esque features so to speak of?

I wanted to draw something with a wistful atmosphere, like two friends saying goodbye, but making a book say goodbye is fairly challenging! I finally ended up with Veritas looking wistfully at the quill of his sprite. Maybe he's in the middle of saying goodbye, or they've already said goodbye, and all he has left as a reminder is that quill, or maybe they're just having tough times. Either way, I hope that the element of bitter-sweetness has gotten through?

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