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Higher Hopes [Game Complete]

track cover

By Tarranon.
Cover art by Mixt paperbarkscrolls Tumblr.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 2:21.

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Artist commentary:


The cusp of victory, at a moment when it seems that it will be snatched away forever - the heroes stand proudly at the crest, knowing that they have succeeded beyond all hope or expectation.


You've all fought long and hard, faced and defeated great enemies, overcome incredible obstacles and achieved unbelievable feats. At last, you are here.

And yet, for a moment, you hesitate. You think of all that has been lost on this journey - all for the sake of a new universe. And what will it be like, this creation of yours? How will you be as gods?

You look around at your fellow players - friends with whom you've been through so much, accomplished the unimaginable - and you turn back to the door (so deceptively simply) before you. You reach for the knob and open...

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