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On Golden Dreams [Prospit]

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By Veritas Unae veritasunae Bandcamp veritasunae SoundCloud.
Cover art by invalidgriffin invalidgriffin Tumblr.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 5:44.

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Veritas Unae:

When approaching Prospit's theme, I had a clear picture in mine that this piece would have several sections illustrating different areas of the moon itself. Feel free to envision your own areas, but the areas I came up with were Main City, Touching Skaia Clouds, Dream Towers, Queen's Palace and Solar Strife. Dream Towers heavily borrows on the Lulling Lutescent theme I made prior to attempting this piece. Also, remember the 'teaser'? Everything in that was from this. So I'm sure a lot of this album was a surprise after all!


This song is really gentle and dignified, like a slow floating walk through a golden city, until the end where you gaze up at Skaia and see your entire life flashing before you! The Dreamer in the image does exactly that while curious Prospitians look on. I'm not sure what he's seeing in those clouds, but I bet it's exciting. I bet he'll remember it when the time is right.

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