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The Will to Fight (Original Mix) [Denizen Strife]

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By Kevin Grant kevingrant SoundCloud.
Cover art by Dawn Davis playerprophet Tumblr playerprophet Twitter Other.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 4:41.

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Artist commentary:

Kevin Grant:

This song started out as a chiptune, but due to computer failures, I lost all of my work. I decided to remake it in non-chiptune form. It's supposed to sound menacing while at the same time spurring you into action. A real fight-or-die situation would have music like this. Overall, I just tried to have fun with this piece, drawing inspiration from songs like Chaotic Strength and Tomahawk Head. While I don't think the song is as good as it could be, other obligations (and further computer failures) caused me leave it a bit unpolished.

Dawn Davis:

As soon as I laid my ears on The Will To Fight I knew I wanted to be related with this song somehow. It's just so poppy and catchy and wonderful. I sent Marcy a looong e-mail detailing why she should let me do the art for the track. I just love this song so much, I wanted desperately to have the honor of doing the art. I really wanted to convey a sense of scale with the Denizen because there's some pretty epic battle vibes in this song, and a great build-up that I thought I could reflect well with size. I also wanted some classic video game effects to get the old school boss battle feel, but nothing I did quite looked right, so I just have that glow in place instead. I'm so excited that this piece made it onto the album. It's been on pretty much every playlist I've made for myself since I heard it the first time.

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