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Layers Upon Layers [Build]

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By Marcy Nabors shadolith Bandcamp shadolith SoundCloud shadolith Tumblr Shadolith Twitter and Jamie Paige Other jamiepaige Bandcamp jamieirl SoundCloud JamiePaigeIRL YouTube Spotify Spotify pamiejaige Twitter paisleypudge Twitter paisleypudge Tumblr.
Cover art by Alistair Diszrali.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 11:47.

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Artist commentary:

Marcy Nabors:

When coming up with the concept for the build theme, I brought in influences from procedurally evolving songs like the map theme from Yoshi's Island. Each of the seven sections corresponds to the task of building to each gate, getting more and more compelling as each goal is reached. In keeping with the idea of procedurally evolving music, every section has the same tempo, key and chord progression, to perpetuate the scenario , threw in a small melodic reference to Bowman's loading screen theme, because building is what Sburb is all about.

Alistair Diszrali:

My name is Alistair Diszrali, and this is the piece I worked on for the build theme track.

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