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Gods of the New World [Universe Creation]

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By Max Wright mxwright SoundCloud imbrog Tumblr YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by invalidgriffin invalidgriffin Tumblr.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 7:19.

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Artist commentary:

Max Wright:

Shh... close your eyes. Listen carefully.
To the birth of the New World.

I only have one thing to say about this piece, that it is meant to convey the emotions that would be felt when creating a universe - the epitome of achievement. I can only hope that I have managed to convey such feelings here.


The moment I heard this song, even then when it was still half-finished, I gasped, sat back in my chair, and instantly felt unworthy. These guys are so ridiculously talented. The song covers the entirety of a growing universe, so it was difficult to pick just one stage. In the end, I decided on the Genesis Frog in His pond, surrounded by blooming lotus flowers. You can just barely see the end-game platform, where the victorious players are watching their new universe take form.

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