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Metamorphic Choices [Kernel Prototyping]

track cover

track cover

By Veritas Unae ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ).
Cover art by Dawn Davis ( Tumblr , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 2:49.

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Artist commentary:

Veritas Unae:

Metamorphic Choices was lovingly glitched by Shadolith. This song is meant to be a sort of a 'you just prototyped this, way to go' song - a great big flash (everything got changed his molecules were all rearranged...) happens as your item makes contact with the kernelsprite and then the song plays. This piece was heavily inspired by Harlequin and Nannaquin. Who doesn't love glitchy sprites?

Dawn Davis:

I actually had a hard time coming up with what to do here so I relied on Scott and Marcy a lot for the concept. We used it as an excuse sort of to really get into a lot of the specific world and sprite stuff! In the end Marcy made a Squiddle Speaker Sprite which I LOVE because of how fucking terrifying it looks with that cyclops speaker eye. Veri has his self-writing story sprite, which is much more classy. And then we got Marcy and Veri's worlds in there, too. Up top you see the Land of Beats and Stirring Sonar, and below you have the Land of Music and Technology. It seems that I forgot how much fun I have with scenery and land designs until I joined the Sburb group.

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