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The Will to Fight Further [Denizen Strife]

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By Kevin Grant kevingrant SoundCloud and Catboss catboss Bandcamp catbossstudio SoundCloud.
Cover art by Dawn Davis playerprophet Tumblr playerprophet Twitter Other.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 5:08.

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Artist commentary:

Kevin Grant:

I wanted something fast paced and intense, but I realized that effect would be more dramatic if there was a slowed down intro with different instruments. That way, the song can build up and surprise you when that beat finally drops.


This is my arrangement of UWBW's "The Will to Fight." It was pretty awesome enough already, but then UWBW (originally, at any rate!) had to pull out of the project. So I picked up his theme and remixed it, while mixing some of my own melodies in. In my mind Sburb is an action RPG, so I wanted something fast and action-y. I didn't actually necessarily know where I was going to go with it so it ended up this fast-paced, nearly dance-esque thing? With multiple segments, heh. And then Marcy stepped in with Shreddage and tossed some badass guitar at me, and I added that in too. So now you have a song which starts off with a sort of let's fite kind of atmosphere, and later it gets pretty badass, so I'd say it turned out pretty well on the whole! Also, there's a quick reference to "Waking the Beast" in the ending. I love that song.

Dawn Davis:

There's a lot to say about this picture that makes the whole thing really hilarious, and not in a structural way. The narratives that are taking place make no sense at all, and I think it's really funny. I had conceptualized the original Denizen Strife theme to take place with Cetus as the subject, but when the game came together with the musicians as players, this no longer made any sense. We don't have any Light players. As a matter of fact, we don't have any Breath players, either. konec0 is the Boss of Cats and Underwater Basketweaver is the King of Queens. I really had no canon denizens for those titles, so I drew Typheus for fun. When listening to the song I could imagine the backgrounds changing according to the different movements, but I couldn't make track art of that so I just idly drew up konec0's Land of Flight and Thunder. Still, the mish-mash of elements and locations and denizen doesn't actually make any sense. konec0 and I figured what this means is that he and UWBW's have been running around killing other people's denizens.

The jerks.

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