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Meta Choices [Options]

track cover

By sidewalkbanana.
Cover art by RunDoubleRun and Emily.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 4:56.

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Artist commentary:


For 'Option Menu', I started with an old riff that I'd abandoned due to lack of ideas. I began to fiddle around with jazz elements and this is what came out.

Support this album as all the other artists are incredible people. (Tips hat to Brad)

Brad Griffin: (booklet editor)

[Brad tips his hat back!]


The options screen was more fun, because I got to play around with what sorts of options would be in a game like SBURB. I ended up going with some of the more basic options, so that it would fit on the album cover, but I left in the Reckoning Damage, and the SBURB Gold joke, because I enjoyed that, and so did Sidewalk Banana.



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