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Outer Reaches [Veil]

track cover

track cover

Tags: Veil, Skaia

By Charles Neudorf.
Cover art by Esabelle Ryngin ( Tumblr ).
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 1:40.

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Artist commentary:

Charles Neudorf:

When I started working on the Veil theme, I initially had the idea to combine a song about the Veil with a song about the labs. The idea was to have two separate sections: a calm, soothing ambient piece and a harsh electronic piece. That idea ended up not really coming to fruition due to various reasons, so I just settled on writing a piece solely focused on the veil, and I'm still very proud of how it turned out! I really think that as I worked on it, I gained a much richer understanding of how compositions are made, and for better or worse, it has deeply impacted how I look at music.

Esabelle Ryngin:

Crazy-8 has been a good friend of mine for about a year now, and when I heard that he was going to be submitting to this album, I immediately set my heart on doing the cover art for it. This track, to me, at least, has a sort of peaceful loneliness to it, which I think is perfect for the Veil.

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