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track cover

Tags: Marsti

By James Roach ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by Homestuck.
Released 12/15/2018.
Duration: 4:13.

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Artist commentary:

James Roach:

(Marsti's theme)

marsti marsti marsti.... what can i say?

first of all, you're welcome. I didn't design her or draw her or write her but I will gladly take the credit from my esteemed colleagues and friends.

if you didn't listen to the podcast i was on this morning (pgenpod) or watch that youtube video i uploaded a few weeks ago this track was originally for an area that was scrapped. The important characters got more or less morphed into Marsti as we know her now.

There is a whole like section of the game where this melody is used a lot. Its in the old 3D hiveswap trailer, in the Homestuck 2.0 video. Wow. All the cursed ones. It is explicitly not a leitmotif because it is not meant to be "..indicative of a person or place" it is just a theme.

wait but... if i make it marsti's theme does that not mean it, however inadvertently, is now a person's theme and therefore IS a leitmotif? aw jeez guys i really beefed it this time.

this ones a bit older but this is, once again, just another example of me goin ham on bass for no good fuckin reason. i just think it sounds cool what do you want from me.

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