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By Eston Schweickart eschweic SoundCloud siasinsilence Tumblr.
Cover art by dapperpixel eddio Tumblr.
Released 8/15/2012.
Duration: 5:01.

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Tracks that Another Chance references:

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Artist commentary:

Erik Scheele: (album artist, commentary booklet)

BONUS TRACK TIME! But since I didn't make this one, I'm not going to talk over it, I'm going to turn this over to Eston for his commentary. So here's Eston:

Eston Schweickart:

  • Like most of this album, it was made over a year before release
  • Sound sources include the "stab" sound from Walk-Stab-Walk and a burnt-out lightbulb
  • Jit is an amazingly talented musician and a spectacular pianist, but he will never admit it nor accept it
  • I spent longer writing and producing this piece than any other finished song I've worked on (~5 months)
  • I took cues from Jit's style of orchestral instruments accompanying synths reminiscent of chiptunes, and though it is largely a re-imagining of Walk-Stab-Walk, I included subtle tips of the hat to his other early works
  • Yes good that sounded sufficiently pretentious

Erik Scheele: (album artist)

Eston is the coolest of bros and makes sick music. But in a good way, not like sick with the flu or whatever. If you want to check out more of his stuff, and you should, you can visit his blog at

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