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track cover

track cover

By Erik Scheele ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter , Tumblr ).
Cover art by Tavia Morra ( Tumblr , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 8/15/2012.
Duration: 3:20.

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Tracks that Sunrise references:

Artist commentary:

Erik Scheele: (booklet commentary)

So, where else to start this off but the beginning? And by beginning, I mean "the morning of 4/13/09, John's birthday and the beginning of it all". So I wanted to take time with this piece, and create a sort of smooth, shifting landscape, illustrating the sun rising over John's neighborhood before he wakes up. This was mainly achieved by intersparsing little melodic hits on instruments with each other, building up and fading out in turn. The opening from a rather old tune of mine, "Light" from Volume 5, also makes an appearance in here to further the overall effect.

I imagine, if this piece were performed live, it would do best with all the instrumentalists scattered to some degree. And I usually hate that gimmick, but it could work well in this context.

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