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jhon vs dabe

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By Griever MSPFA MSPFA Griever1337 Twitter.
Cover art by VulkanShawl.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 0:36.

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Tracks that jhon vs dabe references:

Artist commentary:

VulkanShawl: (Artist)

I actually didn't need to censor anything, if you see dabe in the comic, he's nude but he doesn't have anything down there, but hey, it's like the Brazzers logo thing.

Griever: (Composer)

apparently there was a clip of Soldier 76's VA saying "who's your daddy" going around during the time i was making this. i made this song based off the fact that dabe has the "sord", which is made from a final fantasy x weapon. then i just kinda threw some menu sound effects on there and text to speech. fun stuff.

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