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nude battle

track cover

By isy.
Cover art by Wights End opscat-productions SoundCloud OpsCatProductions YouTube.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 1:06.

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Artist commentary:

Wights End: (Artist)

When I first joined Cool and New Music Team, I submitted a terribly bad Heir of Grief midi swap using out of tune samples from other songs (I think it may be on soundtest one) and this is the trackart for it. considering that the song was never officially released and was a pile of bile in the form of a mp3 file, I figured it'd be best not to let the art go to waste, even if it's also complete shit. I was going to replace this track art with something that actually took effort, but I never got around to it due to problems with my computer; and also being a lazy asshole. I'm sorry for not making any original art for this album; or even using any art that wasn't made almost a year ago.

isy: (Composer)

I had a project file that I was working on while sitting in some room while my mom was doing a presentation, and i realized that it kind of felt like what the art would sound like, so I figured i'd finish it and submit it as my song. Also i'm really bad at naming things and super stressed out atm so, sorry I guess. EDIT: sorry about it being so short too, I was running out of ideas and I was getting really scared about not finishing in time so I just said fuck it and submitted it.

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