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Legend of Jhon: Breath of The Nacho

track cover

By Nicholas Nakano ( SoundCloud ).
Cover art by Ephemerald ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 3:12.

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Tracks that Legend of Jhon: Breath of The Nacho references:

Artist commentary:

Ephemerald: (Artist)

For .JPEG, an album where the art takes center stage, I kinda felt that there was a "go big or go home" vibe going on - so I went big. The idea came from an early Homestuck flash in which John can turn into Link if you input some combination of buttons, so I decided to roll with the concept and replace a bunch of CANWC characters with what I felt to be appropriate Zelda counterparts. Fresh Jimmy became Navi (because Jimmy's a sprite now), Rose became Zelda (presumably because Jhon would be obsessed with "saving" her in this scenario), Jaed became Epona (and yes, there's a rollercoaster cart on the saddle), Dabe became Tingle (though he looks more like Isaac, honestly), and Dadi became Groose (I forget who exactly suggested this, but I like it). I had wanted Jack Noir to play the role of Ganon, but I couldn't really get the idea to work, so I settled on Hecka Jef instead. Alternatively, Ganon could be "o" himself... Gan"o"n, perhaps? I tried to make the background look as faithful to the original NES game title screen as possible. All in all, I'm very happy with this image. Though it isn't as complicated as, say, the Intermishin cover art, I think that it's really dynamic. There's a lot going on, and I hope you enjoy the breath of the nancho.

Nicholas Nakano: (Composer)

I played BoTW right before making this track. The moment I saw the art for this, I hopped right on board. After playing the game, I really wanted to integrate the OST in something. This was that something.

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