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No Fursuit, No Shoes, No Service

track cover

By Pipko Fanfare Other pipko Bandcamp YouTube YouTube FanfarePipko Twitter and cookiefonster cookiefonster Bandcamp Other (chiptune).
Cover art by William Leonard itswilliamleonard Tumblr.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 3:35.

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Tracks that No Fursuit, No Shoes, No Service references:

Artist commentary:

William Leonard: (Artist)

searching around for a CANWC page to make a track art out of, i came across a funny scene of hecka jef being accosted by furry prospit guards after jaed spots him not wearing a fursuit. it looked very neat for doing a track art, and i figured that people could easily make a song for it using motifs for hecka jef and jaed, so i did it! (this is now several months old at this point :O can you believe it??)

Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

Before I picked this track art to do a song for, I knew I wanted to try to pull off something similar to what CANWC itself does - the seamless mixing of remarkably low quality with suprisingly high quality, based on familiar homestucky goodness but with some unexpected twists - more like Vol 1 than our more recent (at the time) work. I also wanted to play with some more of Jade's tracks, and with the prositan guards under her control this was one of the track arts that would let me do so. (The other option at the time was Yiff Confirmed, which I may have chosen instead except it was the same artist as Thank You For Playing and I wanted to spread the love around more. Besides, this art is *awesome*.)

Unlike nearly everything I've done here, this track had a surprising amount of planning before I set down the first note. For the sake of history, here's my original plan for the structure of the piece, cut and paste from discord

uu but the piano intro is h*cka (probs sbhj theme) then 0:25 low-quality uu with barks and meows then 0:45 kick into higher quality to build up to 0:55 hq except with a mario paint bark lead then at 1:20 at the melody switch go to a skaia theme or something instead for the prospitans but keep the style of uu, 1:56 refrain of hj intro, 2:15 8-bit dogsong holy shit this song is longer than i remembered

(Okay, so that's only a lot of planning compared to my usual zero. And you can see I changed my mind on a few things later.)

Cookiefonster made the frytumes while I was still working on the beginning sections, and let's be real it's way better than I could have done!

I tried a few different techniques to represent The Corruption, some revisited from Vol 1 tracks, some new. For example, in the section from 0:30 to 0:50 alone I utilized pitch bending the master channel, intentionally knocking different instrument tracks slightly out of alignment or tempo, and of course good old fashioned craptastic soundfonts. A little after the two minute mark, you'll hear some mouth sounds from me, even some coughing if you listen close enough! Overall, I feel like I was much more successful at the "low quality" portions than the "high quality" ones here, but that's part of the learning process.

cookiefonster: (Composer)

I made a chiptune thing combining Umbral Ultimatum and Dogsong because I was bored, dC asked if she could use it in his song, I said sure

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