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ideal bodey

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By StarlightCalliope.
Cover art by bobthetacocat tacocatcreative Twitter and Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 0:44.

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Tracks that ideal bodey references:

Tracks that ideal bodey samples:

Artist commentary:

bobthetacocat: (Artist)

the update came and the idea was just laying there so i had to, although scaro did most of the heavy lifting here

Anonymous: (Unknown Person)

"hi im star and i like sucking giant cocks"

Anonymous 2: (Unknowner Person)

Now I must admit, the person who so lovingly commented on this Music Commentary tab is surprisingly correct. Yes, I am Starlight and I 100% do like and enjoy sucking gigantic cocks. Honestly, this unknown person has reached the highest peak of humanity's excellence. Never before has such a sentence other than, "hi im star and i like sucking giant cocks," been so perfectly beautiful. As though the sun was in the midst of setting in the dusky haze of the sunset, the sentence also set my hopes in humanity. Into the sky. This sentence is so beautifully perfect, that none can hope to outmatch it. Shakespeare could not possibly even write anywhere NEAR this level of expertise in using the English Language to truly convey what they meant. I am truthfully in awe at the sheer dazzling mastery of words that was wrote up above.

But what can we glean from these words of a madman poetry genius such as unknown person? Firstly, we should take a look an analyse the first three words of this person's sentence. "hi im star." This person uses the word hi to establish a friendly, perhaps playful, tone helps to immediately start this sentence off with you beginning to listen to what they are saying. Next, they use the phrase, "im star," to denote that this is StarlightCalliope speaking. This, together with the usage of, "hi," helps to make the reader of the sentence believe that it is StarlightCalliope who typed out this sentence. Now the question is... why would this person need to mention that it was me, StarlightCalliope, if it would already state above their commentary that it was me? This begs the question, was this mysterious writer truly me all along, or was it really some mystery writer that I do not know the name of? This, is for you, the reader of this commentary booklet to figure out.

StarlightCalliope: (Composer)

clearly samples of people saying

"this is peak performance"

"the ideal male body"

and various other lines, with licord and midnight suffer being thrown in

add in several samples from 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' and various random notes along with one point of consistent flintstones at the end for good measure

song idea done

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