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sweet gains and hellish jhon

track cover

By Cerulean Other ctza SoundCloud.
Cover art by trip tripheus Tumblr, Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr, Ahnock ahnock-1 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube 3lbows Twitter, and TirantBacon maxy3 SoundCloud tirantbacon SoundCloud.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 3:37.

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Tracks that sweet gains and hellish jhon references:

Artist commentary:

Scarodactyl: (Artist)

When I saw the initial sketch of Jeff I was immediately impressed by the pose and gesture which brought to mind the renaissance masters. At first I just added a burly arm as per usual, but this time I couldn't stop there and felt compelled to paint over the rest of him.

trip: (Artist)

this was originally going to be for u killed swet bro: prepare to die, but i was unable to finish it in time. i did the pose for jef and stff like the hair. scaro did a bunch more work on it and then more people added onto it. im really happy that people liked it enough to collaborate on it and i cant really take all too much credit for what it became (read: awesome.)

Ahnock: (Artist)

I did the background, I pretty much just merged pictures of brass instruments over the time symbol and then heck'd around in until it looked cool.

TirantBacon: (Artist)

I drew the disembodied john head. It is pretty much the first thing I've ever properly drawn. I had an idea that jhon at one stage would some how be reverted back into normal John through hecka jeff's time powers, and would be like evil I guess.

Cerulean: (Composer)

I was trying new techniques i learned from my colleges music tech department. Using all new synths n stuff and trying out cool things with midi data created this track. Check out for my latest songs.

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