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By Grace Medley power46 Bandcamp user-743933328 SoundCloud power464646 Twitter power464646 Tumblr.
Cover art by Sozzay sozzay Tumblr.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 3:48.

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Tracks that Event Horizon / Barium Starlight references:

Artist commentary:

Sozzay: (Artist)

This piece is different from my usual work in that it involves darker, less saturated colours. Originally it was going to be cell shaded, but after lining it I decided that I wanted it to be a painting. The goal for this piece was a dynamic, mystical image with vivid contrasts in colour and a lot of black. I've always been inspired by the techniques and colour palettes used in renaissance art (and artwork of a similar calibre that I see on deviantart), and so I wanted to involve similar palettes and emulate similar techniques in my own artwork! I used an airbrush tool when painting Rose in order to make her look more realistic. I also established a light and dark contrast which, while not as dynamic as expected, I feel was able to add dramatic effect and have Rose appear more three dimensional.

Grace Medley: (Composer)

Hahah, Soz's art knocks my socks off, as usual. I knew that if I was going to treat this track right, I'd need to do something pretty hardcore. Listening back on it, I'd say it's not bad? Aside from Black Rose/Green Sun and Black Hole/Green Sun, there are three references to Rose themes from various albums. If you can spot one, then good job, you have ears. If you can spot two, well... nobody's going to spot two. If you somehow spot all three, I love you.

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