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Make a Pretty Picture

track cover

track cover

Tags: Jane, Jake, Tavvy, Earth

By Tristan Scroggins ( Bandcamp , External ( ).
Cover art by Aeritus ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Released 4/13/2020.
Art released 6/1/2020.
Duration: 2:29.

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Artist commentary:


When I first heard the song it just really felt like a Jane song to me. I really wanted to play with the title itself so most of the concept has been Jane (and family) on the making of the Pretty Picture, because when you're in such an high position it's important to look good and pretty, no matter what... right? I Also had a few other sketches of Rose and Jade since the track art of the main motif used for this song had them, but after the updates and the general feeling regarding Jade and Rose has been switched on the bad side, it just didnt felt right for me and the tone of the song itself.

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