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track cover

track cover

Tags: John, LoWaS

By James Roach ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by VickyBit.
Released 4/13/2012.
Duration: 5:04.

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Tracks that Pipeorgankind references:

Tracks that reference Pipeorgankind:

From Fandom:

Tracks that sample Pipeorgankind:

From Fandom:

Artist commentary:

James Roach:

As a lot of you know, my track Pipeorgankind was featured in last night's Flash! I used melodies and themes from several talented musicians to create this track, and orchestrated/arranged them for fun! I never thought it would become anything!

I thought it might be fun to show you all the nods and themes I used in the track! (though unless otherwise stated its Showtime, throughout)

Thanks for all the overwhelming encouragement and support! I wouldn't be here without you guys!

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