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By Not Eno definitely-not-eno Bandcamp.
Cover art by Gryotharian user-226957352 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube gryotharian Tumblr gryotharian DeviantArt.
Released 12/19/2021.
Duration: 3:14.

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Artist commentary:

Not Eno:

A father and son reunite. With this song I played with one of my favorite lofi ambient tricks that being recording the song to a weird audio format. In this case the song was recorded directly to a wire recorder. (the small skips and hitches you hear is the thin steel wire that will snag on the play head every now and again)

As for the Content recorded to the wire Its a semi improvisational piece that was made to reflect John's mindstate when he reunites with his dad after the long road that was most of the comic.

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