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Pipe Dream

track cover

track cover

Tags: LoWaS

By Kanishka.
Cover art by Skyplayer ( Twitter , External ( , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 12/19/2021.
Duration: 4:51.

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Tracks that Pipe Dream references:

Artist commentary:


You know that old Windows screensaver? No no, not the flying toasters. No, not the maze one! I mean that one that your teachers always used so you just stared at it all period instead of getting work done. Yes, with the pipes! This is that but LOWAS, and also taking 20 minutes to render a frame instead of whatever fps the old screensaver ran at. The cost of beauty. It's an honor to make art for a LOFAM album, I've been listening to the older ones since I was a teenager. You could say that with this art I fulfilled a Pipe Dream.

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