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Furthest Ringside

track cover

By Monckat ( External ( ).
Cover art by Monckat ( External ( ).
Released 12/19/2021.
Duration: 2:38.

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Tracks that Furthest Ringside references:

Artist commentary:


A track vaguely themed around Dave, Rose, Derse, and the lovely eldritch horrors next door. For the most part it emerged from wanting to remix some lesser-utilized themes such as Switchback, Ace of Trump, and At The Price of Oblivion.

Rose and Dave chilling on Derse, with some horrorterrors looming above. (I’ve taken some artistic liberties with the horrorterrors, in being conjoined into a single mass they kinda resemble the horrorterrors in my fanventure The Tapestry more than canon Homestuck ones)

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