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Saccharine Slumber, Strider

track cover

By Shwan hakuchou Bandcamp KchoKuchou YouTube hakuchou Linktree.
Cover art by Gryotharian user-226957352 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube gryotharian Tumblr gryotharian DeviantArt.
Released 12/19/2021.
Duration: 3:05.

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Artist commentary:


Inspired by Sweet Dreams, Timaeus. I like the chill instruments and atmospheric chords from the original and wanted to do something similar.


This ended up being some of the most work I've ever put into an art piece. I had the original idea for it long before it was finished, of Ult Dirk holding the broken lantern over a sleeping younger version of himself. At some point the skull got added, and the whole piece became very... I dunno how to describe it, like classical? Archetypical? Something like church stained glass, or a tarot card, and I gave Ult Dirk a halo type thing. Then a very unfinished version of it sat on my desktop for several months, just the rough outline with the colors blocked in. I slowly chipped away at it, adding details like each poster and book and the window, until finally I decided that I'd better finish this up, and did all the shading and lighting and everything in one incredibly long day. There's an alternate version without the highlight sketching, which I was unsure about, but Shwan said they liked this version better, so this is the version on the album.

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