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By Kal-la-kal-la (SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitter).
Cover art by shedonkadonk (Twitter, Bandcamp).
Released 2/17/2019.
Duration: 5:09.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:


This piece is heavily inspired by the bis radio edit of Turbulence by Arab Strap - 808s and gloomy guitar lines are the order of the day. Mayhaps not the most obvious approach to a track about the Dolorosa but I take a slight measure of pride in that. Quite pleased with the middle section; the cycle of dominant sevenths with the electric piano improvisation atop it.

Grief is a strange thing and I find it rarely conveyed well in music. Another for the bonfire pile.


*The sound of a camera flash can be audibly heard over the music.* Yep. That one's going in my Pietà compilation. But really, is there a more appropriate parallel to make? Probably not. The parable of the Sufferer is full of religious iconography by design, which I guess means that Earth based the Bible off of it, and not the other way around? I don't know. I'll leave that commentary for Hussie, when he (doesn't) get around to it. As a side note, I love the "halos" surrounding the Dolorosa and the Sufferer here. Good stuff.

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