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Felidae Superior

track cover

track cover

Tags: God Cat, Earth

By WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ) .
Cover art by shu ( Tumblr ) .
Released 2/17/2019.
Duration: 3:44.

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Artist commentary:


This song took remarkably long to put together. Less because it was difficult, and more because I kept getting distracted with other projects along the way. Anyway, meow.


Shu delivers some impressively smooth and refined art for everyone's second-favorite cat whose name begins with a G, GCAT. They say you can tell a lot about someone from their eyes, which makes it more impressive that you can glean this cat's mischievous expression without any eyes at all. GCAT is prepared for action from its carefully positioned placement on a tree branch, ready to pounce at a ball of yarn or teleport to the spot best suited for making your life hell. Some rough glitchy effects in the background add an interesting dimension to the piece, nicely contrasting against its smooth linework. This is one art you won't want to miss, and knowing GCAT's temper, you might miss it if you blink.

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