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Secondhand Memories

By Grace Medley (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitter).
Cover art by nights (SoundCloud, Twitter, External (
Released 2/17/2019.
Duration: 1:57.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:

Grace Medley:

Sorry, sorry to interrupt the booklet, folks, but I've got a cracking idea: see the next time you find yourself in a pub toilet, and you've got a pen on you, write on the door, "Johnny Crocker, R.I.P." Or let's say you're not old enough to get into pubs yet, let's say, you're still in school? Write it on a desk. Scratch it in with a compass. "Johnny Crocker, R.I.P." Or let's say you're online. Let's say you're on Bebo, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, a forum, whatever it is, just get the message out there. "Johnny Crocker, R.I.P." Miss you, big man. Gone, but not forgotten.

And who is Johnny Crocker...? Eh, who cares.


I had the sketch of this track art sitting by for a while, since I never found the time to finish it - not even during the holiday break. I finally was able to find the time to do exactly that on... A very long and boring plane trip, hahah. While drawing it, I thought about how Jane never really knew her poppop, nor did she know she was the cause of his death in the first place (classic Homestuck), so I wanted to convey that bittersweet feeling through the piece. I experimented on the colors with using a couple paper-constructioney textures on it and on the backdrop. Also, the stewardess on my plane trip caught a glance of the drawing and gave me a compliment in broken English, so you know this is some certified REAL good art.

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