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Tags: Becquerel, Jade

Fetch That Steak

By Kusoro (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube).
Cover art by SpaceWaifu (Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt).
Released 2/17/2019.
Duration: 1:34.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:


Bec is, first and foremost, a good dog. Let's put aside his featureless visage, god-like powers and key role in creating a Sovereign Slayer capable of destroying entire universes. He is a dog that likes to run around, play fetch, and eat treats like any other! This song shows that under-appreciated side of Jade's best friend. How can you say no to those Mario Paint dog barks? (If you think those are great, wait until you listen to the song for Bec's post-Scratch counterpart. Cinematic parallels, I'm telling you.)


Bec quite clearly doesn't have a care in the world here. You know, it's funny how omnipotent dog brains work. "Yeah, I was brought to this planet with the express purpose of facilitating its ultimate purpose and also ensuring that I exist at all, but, I mean, do I have to do that right now? Can't I just take some time off and go fetch a steak so radioactive it would make the Elephant's Foot seem like a regular old chunk of steel by comparison? The answer is yes, I can. So I will." Good dog. Best friend. Not a superb prioritizer.

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