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The Thirteenth Hour

track cover

track cover

By Toby Fox ( Bandcamp , Twitter , External ( ).
Cover art by Homestuck.
Released 7/18/2010.
Duration: 2:10.

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Sheet music by Gamehunter

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MIDI by Unknown
MIDI by Unknown (partial)

Artist commentary:

Toby Fox:

(UU's Theme)


Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Thanks to an emailer working with Monckat for helping find the original artwork for this track!

Here's the original art put up on the wiki for this track, by foreverFlummoxed:

foreverFlummoxed: (alternate art)

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

And here's another piece by Monckat:

Monckat: (alternate art)

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

(The track art anthology for Alternia didn't include a fanart for this track.)

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)