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33 tracks totaling 1:25:22 hours. Released 6/12/2017.

.jpeg (Illust. Shadok, Hadron)
OFF course (Illust. Shadok)
Dave Story (Illust. Cloudaria)
jhon vs dabe (Illust. VulkanShawl)
The Cult of Mods (Illust. Greenagon)
No Fursuit, No Shoes, No Service (Illust. william_)
[s) rose / jef: strife! (Illust. ft-rj)
HS and New (Illust. Shadok)
She's a D8ddy Lon8 L8gs (Illust. Scarodactyl)
Roze's Theme (Chiptune Warrior) (Illust. tempest2k)
Big Bad Beta Kids (Illust. Scarodactyl)
Terminal (Illust. yazshu)
ideal bodey (Illust. bobthetacocat, Scarodactyl)
cw: blood
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Legend of Jhon: Breath of The Nacho (Illust. Ephemerald)
sweet gains and hellish jhon (Illust. trip, Scarodactyl, Ahnock, TirantBacon)
weeb jhon: ascending friendzone (Illust. VulkanShawl)
HarleSmash (Illust. koykoy13)
You Killed My Father (Prepare to Die Edition) (Illust. koykoy13)
HECK. (Illust. Ephemerald)
These Nanchos (Illust. olkiswerve)
How Jack And Calliope Ran Away From An Imaginary Planet Together While Arguing About Whether It Really Did Exist Or Not (Illust. Linkslittlefriend)
cw: blood (abstract)
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The Art of Stealing Faces (Illust. Makin)
Shoplifting from the Beast (Illust. Scarodactyl)
Momi vs (Illust. Wights End)
Collision Course (Davepeta's Movement) (Illust. Shadok)
nude battle (Illust. Wights End)
Crash Course in Creativity (Illust. Bambosh)
Horschestra (Horse of Time Verison) (Illust. tempest2k)
cw: decapitation (abstract)
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swet bro rebibal (Illust. VulkanShawl)
Ultimate Hope (Illust. Griever)
cw: blood (abstract)
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licord eternity (Illust. koykoy13)
Event Horizon / Barium Starlight (Illust. Sozzay)
Thank You For Playing (Illust. Skyplayer)
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