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.jpeg - Commentary

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Cool and New Music Team:

.jpeg is a concept album: the team's artists draw some art and the musicians have to make music based around that art, instead of the usual other way around.

7.20 teraflops of leitmotifs, only on .jpeg

(.jpeg trailer)

yazshu: (Organizer)

Hello cool and new fans, its ya boy yazshu here, with an introduction to this album. this album has been in development hell for a pretty long time, and around after the release of bowmania or vol 8, i forget which, we really stepped up production of this with nights and i at the helm. the way this album works by instead of having the track art reflect the music, the music reflects the track art. we started out with our very talented and also our shitposting motherfuckers making a ton of art, which then got cut down to these (and one or two others that didn't get music made for them, one of which being a nutshack track which will be very sadly missed). after the track art was judged, we allowed musicians to pick art and compose a song for them. we have some of our best arts in this album, with sozzay, shadok, william, scarodactyl, twinbuilder, and a ton others highlighting how good our art team really is. nights and i really love this album and all the hard work everyone put into it, and we're really glad for it to finally see the light of day after all this time. Also read my webcomic

nights: (Organizer)

I love each and every single contributer to this album, as well as every singleperson in the stream. Please read oceanfalls.

Interrobang: (Booklet Boy)

My customary end-of-booklet commentary goes at the front this time. This ended up a great album and I'm really glad we finally got it released. My one regret is not having a fanventure to shill in this front section.

Cecily Renns: (Album Masterer)

can i say A Thing

Cecily Renns: (Mastetere of Album)

yes i could say A Thing

Shadok: (Cover Artist)

try to guess all the characters!!!!!! (there's 32 or 33 characters i think)


(Community listening stream w/ chat)

OFF course Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Shadok: (Artist)

try to guess all the characters!!!!!! (there's 32 or 33 characters i think)

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

"i made this before we decided thisll be the album art, its pretty cool and new, the song, but i made it like a year ago when wano was still ""relevant""

also, go play OFF, its like one of those 40s black and white arty french films written by shigesato itoi's incomprehensible cousin, and the soundtrack is noise music orchestrated by bach (except for the song called ""Magic pipe"", i think i made that song actually)"

Dave Story Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Cloudaria: (Artist)

one day i got bored, and wanted to shitpost make art for this album. i asked around for homestuck shitpost ideas, got a cave story pun, and thought that would be fucking great for a jpeg track. here we are now.

Interrobang: (Composer)

ive been working on this one for quite a while. The beginning (done somewhere around 7 months ago or so) was pretty basic, but once this album got closer to completion I went back to it and made some additions that hopefully make it a bit cooler. Anyway, the whole piece was done in pxtone, a DAW created by the maker of cave story, for cave story's music, hence, Dave Story

And another thing: If you fuckig call this shit song a soundfont swap again I will come to your fucking house and play both is and the original Beatdown by Curt NOROCK Blakeslee at the same time, one into each of your ears, at +20 decibels. FUCK YOU

jhon vs dabe Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

VulkanShawl: (Artist)

I actually didn't need to censor anything, if you see dabe in the comic, he's nude but he doesn't have anything down there, but hey, it's like the Brazzers logo thing.

Griever: (Composer)

apparently there was a clip of Soldier 76's VA saying "who's your daddy" going around during the time i was making this. i made this song based off the fact that dabe has the "sord", which is made from a final fantasy x weapon. then i just kinda threw some menu sound effects on there and text to speech. fun stuff.

The Cult of Mods Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Greenagon: (Artist)

I hate this and you don't have my permission to use this in your album. Neither do I give you permission to use this comment by me. I swear to fuck I'll sue.

Cecily Renns: (Master-er)

BWEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE KEYTAR GENTLY WEEPS (also unintentional moshi slash penumbra is the next big thing)

No Fursuit, No Shoes, No Service Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

William Leonard: (Artist)

searching around for a CANWC page to make a track art out of, i came across a funny scene of hecka jef being accosted by furry prospit guards after jaed spots him not wearing a fursuit. it looked very neat for doing a track art, and i figured that people could easily make a song for it using motifs for hecka jef and jaed, so i did it! (this is now several months old at this point :O can you believe it??)

Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

Before I picked this track art to do a song for, I knew I wanted to try to pull off something similar to what CANWC itself does - the seamless mixing of remarkably low quality with suprisingly high quality, based on familiar homestucky goodness but with some unexpected twists - more like Vol 1 than our more recent (at the time) work. I also wanted to play with some more of Jade's tracks, and with the prositan guards under her control this was one of the track arts that would let me do so. (The other option at the time was Yiff Confirmed, which I may have chosen instead except it was the same artist as Thank You For Playing and I wanted to spread the love around more. Besides, this art is *awesome*.)

Unlike nearly everything I've done here, this track had a surprising amount of planning before I set down the first note. For the sake of history, here's my original plan for the structure of the piece, cut and paste from discord

uu but the piano intro is h*cka (probs sbhj theme) then 0:25 low-quality uu with barks and meows then 0:45 kick into higher quality to build up to 0:55 hq except with a mario paint bark lead then at 1:20 at the melody switch go to a skaia theme or something instead for the prospitans but keep the style of uu, 1:56 refrain of hj intro, 2:15 8-bit dogsong holy shit this song is longer than i remembered

(Okay, so that's only a lot of planning compared to my usual zero. And you can see I changed my mind on a few things later.)

Cookiefonster made the frytumes while I was still working on the beginning sections, and let's be real it's way better than I could have done!

I tried a few different techniques to represent The Corruption, some revisited from Vol 1 tracks, some new. For example, in the section from 0:30 to 0:50 alone I utilized pitch bending the master channel, intentionally knocking different instrument tracks slightly out of alignment or tempo, and of course good old fashioned craptastic soundfonts. A little after the two minute mark, you'll hear some mouth sounds from me, even some coughing if you listen close enough! Overall, I feel like I was much more successful at the "low quality" portions than the "high quality" ones here, but that's part of the learning process.

cookiefonster: (Composer)

I made a chiptune thing combining Umbral Ultimatum and Dogsong because I was bored, dC asked if she could use it in his song, I said sure

[s) rose / jef: strife! Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

ft-rj: (Artist)

i mean i saw future potential in canwc storylines so i made art for it and hoped a song would get flash bait and then cookie made a song and even though its old it sounds good and i like it. also this art is old and bad i would remake it but no

cookiefonster: (Composer)

I made this so long ago it's unreal, and honestly it probably shows. It's pretty much a song out of my solo album but for Rose and Hecka Jef. At least the background CSS for Act 4 of CANWC shows Rose and Jef apparently posed for strifing or something??? Can't say I didn't get lucky.

HS and New Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Shadok: (Artist)

Rules for the track arts was to be related to either homestuck or canwc so i did both

dbnet18: (Composer)

This song is basically a mashup between Doctor and RCT. I guess I could say that this thing took me an hour due to it being just a really simple song. I think it really fits the art (but that's the point of this album.) PS read Vast Error ecks dee

She's a D8ddy Lon8 L8gs Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Scarodactyl: (Artist)

I thought it was a funny title and the rest followed from there. Coy has given it much, much better than it deserves.

Mathias Ramalho: (Composer)

As far as I got making this monstrosity, this is one of the best things I've made. I was going for something longer and more complex, but technical difficulties took me out of my dreams. This is great though!

Roze's Theme (Chiptune Warrior) Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

tempest2k: (Artist)

I really liked Khonjin, and I wanted somebody to make a Rose version of Smack's Theme. That's why this art exists. In my imagining of the Khonjin x CaNWC crossover, Not On My Watch John is Pent, and Roze is Smack.

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

khonjin and its music is ok but the baby is you definitely transcends any form of content

Big Bad Beta Kids Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Scarodactyl: (Artist)

When I was young I watched Beetleborgs and thought it was the best thing ever. Now I'm old and I'm rewatching Beetleborgs and I still think it's the best thing ever. The people deserve to know about the uncanny Hussie-Flabber overlap.

Scarodactyl: (Composer)

I did what I had to do. At least it's short.

Terminal Listen on: YouTube

yazshu: (Artist)

i made a fucking loss meme

Grace Medley: (Musician)

This is a tune I've been thinking of for a while, but I didn't really have anything to connect to it or any direction to take it... almost as if I needed something simultaneously tragic and dumb as hell...

ideal bodey Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

bobthetacocat: (Artist)

the update came and the idea was just laying there so i had to, although scaro did most of the heavy lifting here

Anonymous: (Unknown Person)

"hi im star and i like sucking giant cocks"

Anonymous 2: (Unknowner Person)

Now I must admit, the person who so lovingly commented on this Music Commentary tab is surprisingly correct. Yes, I am Starlight and I 100% do like and enjoy sucking gigantic cocks. Honestly, this unknown person has reached the highest peak of humanity's excellence. Never before has such a sentence other than, "hi im star and i like sucking giant cocks," been so perfectly beautiful. As though the sun was in the midst of setting in the dusky haze of the sunset, the sentence also set my hopes in humanity. Into the sky. This sentence is so beautifully perfect, that none can hope to outmatch it. Shakespeare could not possibly even write anywhere NEAR this level of expertise in using the English Language to truly convey what they meant. I am truthfully in awe at the sheer dazzling mastery of words that was wrote up above.

But what can we glean from these words of a madman poetry genius such as unknown person? Firstly, we should take a look an analyse the first three words of this person's sentence. "hi im star." This person uses the word hi to establish a friendly, perhaps playful, tone helps to immediately start this sentence off with you beginning to listen to what they are saying. Next, they use the phrase, "im star," to denote that this is StarlightCalliope speaking. This, together with the usage of, "hi," helps to make the reader of the sentence believe that it is StarlightCalliope who typed out this sentence. Now the question is... why would this person need to mention that it was me, StarlightCalliope, if it would already state above their commentary that it was me? This begs the question, was this mysterious writer truly me all along, or was it really some mystery writer that I do not know the name of? This, is for you, the reader of this commentary booklet to figure out.

StarlightCalliope: (Composer)

clearly samples of people saying

"this is peak performance"

"the ideal male body"

and various other lines, with licord and midnight suffer being thrown in

add in several samples from 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' and various random notes along with one point of consistent flintstones at the end for good measure

song idea done

Legend of Jhon: Breath of The Nacho Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Ephemerald: (Artist)

For .JPEG, an album where the art takes center stage, I kinda felt that there was a "go big or go home" vibe going on - so I went big. The idea came from an early Homestuck flash in which John can turn into Link if you input some combination of buttons, so I decided to roll with the concept and replace a bunch of CANWC characters with what I felt to be appropriate Zelda counterparts. Fresh Jimmy became Navi (because Jimmy's a sprite now), Rose became Zelda (presumably because Jhon would be obsessed with "saving" her in this scenario), Jaed became Epona (and yes, there's a rollercoaster cart on the saddle), Dabe became Tingle (though he looks more like Isaac, honestly), and Dadi became Groose (I forget who exactly suggested this, but I like it). I had wanted Jack Noir to play the role of Ganon, but I couldn't really get the idea to work, so I settled on Hecka Jef instead. Alternatively, Ganon could be "o" himself... Gan"o"n, perhaps? I tried to make the background look as faithful to the original NES game title screen as possible. All in all, I'm very happy with this image. Though it isn't as complicated as, say, the Intermishin cover art, I think that it's really dynamic. There's a lot going on, and I hope you enjoy the breath of the nancho.

Nicholas Nakano: (Composer)

I played BoTW right before making this track. The moment I saw the art for this, I hopped right on board. After playing the game, I really wanted to integrate the OST in something. This was that something.


William Leonard: (Artist)

i wanted to use After Effects to make a track art sometime, and decided to do something really psychedelic and effects-crazy (since i've often used that style when using AE to make youtube poops.)

ft-rj: (Composer)

I tried to do some epic/bullshittily terrible hectic music using motif dump;... Success??

sweet gains and hellish jhon Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Scarodactyl: (Artist)

When I saw the initial sketch of Jeff I was immediately impressed by the pose and gesture which brought to mind the renaissance masters. At first I just added a burly arm as per usual, but this time I couldn't stop there and felt compelled to paint over the rest of him.

trip: (Artist)

this was originally going to be for u killed swet bro: prepare to die, but i was unable to finish it in time. i did the pose for jef and stff like the hair. scaro did a bunch more work on it and then more people added onto it. im really happy that people liked it enough to collaborate on it and i cant really take all too much credit for what it became (read: awesome.)

Ahnock: (Artist)

I did the background, I pretty much just merged pictures of brass instruments over the time symbol and then heck'd around in until it looked cool.

TirantBacon: (Artist)

I drew the disembodied john head. It is pretty much the first thing I've ever properly drawn. I had an idea that jhon at one stage would some how be reverted back into normal John through hecka jeff's time powers, and would be like evil I guess.

Cerulean: (Composer)

I was trying new techniques i learned from my colleges music tech department. Using all new synths n stuff and trying out cool things with midi data created this track. Check out for my latest songs.

weeb jhon: ascending friendzone Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

VulkanShawl: (Artist)

friendzone is hard.

WarxTron: (Composer)

I cried while making this song (n̶o̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶l̶y̶)

HarleSmash Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

koykoy13: (Artist)

One of my favorites of the ones I made,I had the idea for an art like this the first time I read Homestuck but it took much longer for me to actually do it

pizzagremlin: (Composer)

i made a song for the album and it was bad. maybe next time i make a song for an album it will be good? hehe...that would be epic...

You Killed My Father (Prepare to Die Edition) Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

koykoy13: (Artist)

Once I had the idea for the title I had to do it as the Dark Souls fan I am.The art I worked on the longest and i dont regret it.

Mathias Ramalho: (Composer)

Now people will realize how much I like Dark Souls.

HECK. Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Ephemerald: (Artist)

I knew I wanted to make another artwork for .JPEG after Nancho, but I was struggling to come up with ideas. After listening to HUMBLE. for like the millionth time, an idea flew through my mind in a sudden fit of inspiration - copy DAMN.'s cover art, replace Kendrick with Jack, and rename it to HECK., because that's a seriously badass swear. I'm honestly very surprised with how quickly this artwork came together - it only took a couple of hours or so. The "SHITPOST ADVISORY" warning was based off of another track art someone had made for .JPEG, but it was hand-drawn, so I decided to replicate the official warning as best as I could, and I'm very happy with the result.

Minkt: (Composer)



These Nanchos Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

olkiswerve: (Artist)

I was listening to TPAB at the time and thought it would be funny to make a jpeg submission with the album art as a parody, but I got fed up with trying to draw it and did good kid maad city instead. I'm pretty happy with the way i t turned out and also apparently I inspired HECK. which is pretty cool. like, imagine drawing some bullshit in GIMP and fucking picasso comes by like "oh wow damn dude I gotta get on that." incredible.

also I totally requested that the musician sample "I remember you was conflicted". I know it's not on good kid maad city it's just funny, fuck off, the song is super good

maybe one day I'll still do that TPAB album cover, who knows :eyes:

Squarewave: (Composer)

I remember I was conflicted, in choosing what to sample on this song. Sometimes I did the same, abusing Kendricks "These Walls" off of to pimp a butterfly. It's aight

How Jack And Calliope Ran Away From An Imaginary Planet Together While Arguing About Whether It Really Did Exist Or Not Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

yazshu: (Ghost-artist)

this art was made because links made a theory about caliborns derse not being real, due to cherub shenanigans. im not links but hes not even on this team so he cant do commentary. im links and i love eating buttholes and smelling big balls

Kal-la-kal-la: (Composer)

OK so I found out there were still unclaimed track arts for jpeg a couple of days before the deadline. My first instinct was to pick this one since any opportunity to utilise the Calliope themes Voidlight and The Lyrist, by Thomas Ferkol, is a good opportunity to me. Of course, the other important character here is Jack Noir, who I represented with Walk-Stab-Walk by Erik Scheele, a lovely piece with wonderful melodies tbh, as well as an attempt to incorporate features of Archagent Everlasting by JohnJRenns (and I say an attempt because that song is dissonant as hell god damn). Reverie by Alex Rossetti makes an appearance in the synth arps, faultily transcribed by yours truly. And then there's Carne Vale, which is strictly speaking a Caliborn theme, but Caliborn is an important player in the grand theory of a Derse-less Cherub Session. So I combined these motifs into this tune presented here, the steady pulsing rhythm of the first half somewhat inspired by To Cross The Void by NiceWizard from Redditstuck Vol. 2, and the second half perhaps subconsciously inspired by Another Chance by Eston 'Silence' Schweickart, from One Year Older. Having put that together I figured I'd put a drum solo at the end, being entirely devoid of other ideas as to how close off the piece. I'd like to think that I did the art justice on the whole.

The Art of Stealing Faces Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Makin: (Artist)

The Hymn of Making Babies is an underrated track and I felt I needed to reference it at some point, also dadd needs more tracks, like jesus guys, actually read the comic sometime

Isoleucine: (Composer)

fact: the final version of this song has 16 patterns, 4 automation clips, and 12 instruments. 10 of the instruments are syntheseisers, all of which are Serum except for one autogun. The other two instruments are the breakbeat drums. Also- I forgot Makin gets to name the track and started internally referring to it as "the ballad of dad" Thanks to nights for defending this slot for me

Shoplifting from the Beast Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Scarodactyl: (Artist)

This was basically a drawing of things I wanted to see more of in Homestuck: cool locations like LoHaC, giant denizen monsters, and davesprite getting into swordfights. And, of course, big beefy arms.


This was a pretty easy concept for a song. Just combine some Dave/Davesprite themes and melodies from that one denizen song, and blam you're done.

Momi vs Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Wights End: (Artist)

This was also a track art for Volume Twos that never got used. I can't remember what the original track was like, or what inspired me to have momi about to kill an inanimate object, but I like the drawing nonetheless.

Isabella James: (Composer)

Idek but i instantly thought megalovania after seeing the pictire

Collision Course (Davepeta's Movement) Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Shadok: (Artist)

GOddamit this was for the first sound test too

SplitSuns: (Composer)

Shadok's base idea for this song was to re-imagine Upward Movement with more modern synths, and I stuck pretty close to that direction! I tried to go all-out for this one, creating a chopped and screwed soundscape to suit a character such as Davepeta. I incorporated themes suited to both Dave and Nepeta, with a little bit of Undertale music as well to tie everything together! I think you can understand why if you pay attention to the name of this track. All in all, I tried to make this song serious yet suitably silly for Davepeta's character (notice the meows?) and I hope I succeeded.

nude battle Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Wights End: (Artist)

When I first joined Cool and New Music Team, I submitted a terribly bad Heir of Grief midi swap using out of tune samples from other songs (I think it may be on soundtest one) and this is the trackart for it. considering that the song was never officially released and was a pile of bile in the form of a mp3 file, I figured it'd be best not to let the art go to waste, even if it's also complete shit. I was going to replace this track art with something that actually took effort, but I never got around to it due to problems with my computer; and also being a lazy asshole. I'm sorry for not making any original art for this album; or even using any art that wasn't made almost a year ago.

isy: (Composer)

I had a project file that I was working on while sitting in some room while my mom was doing a presentation, and i realized that it kind of felt like what the art would sound like, so I figured i'd finish it and submit it as my song. Also i'm really bad at naming things and super stressed out atm so, sorry I guess. EDIT: sorry about it being so short too, I was running out of ideas and I was getting really scared about not finishing in time so I just said fuck it and submitted it.

Crash Course in Creativity Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Bambosh: (Artist)

I made this literally a year ago, back in July of 2016. Since then, I've tried everything to get it on an album, but nobody with any compositional talent wanted to touch it with a 10ft barge pole. I'd given up entirely, until ost answered my call with the clutch hour-long-music-sesh. tnx ost

ostrichlittledungeon: (Composer)

i did it in like an hour at the last second

Horschestra (Horse of Time Verison) Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

tempest2k: (Artist)

I did this instead of classwork while listening to SiIva's 413 Epona's Song rip.

Cecily Renns: (Album Mastererer)

but... horses dont meow... my world is shattered

swet bro rebibal Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

VulkanShawl: (Artist)

Kissing heads is a thing that CANWC needs. Pls o make it canon.

Wheals: (Composer)

I had the idea for this in early May, but because of the semester ending and thereafter going on vacation I didn't get around to working on it until the week before the release. The idea was for it (or the serious part, at least) to borrow Unite Synchronization's overall structure, and while it only did that a little, I'm happy with the similarities. This is the hardest I've bullshitted orchestrally and I'm not sure yet if it wore me out or made me want to do more. Full credit to cookiefonster for reminding me that Donkey Kong SFX are Swet Bro's leitmotif.

Ultimate Hope Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Griever: (Artist)

I think I drew (well, made) this before DR3. DR3 fucking sucks.

BitesizeBird: (Composer)

Go play Danganronpa. Fucking excellent mystery games. Also fuck Nagito

licord eternity Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

koykoy13: (Artist)

I first had a horrible version of this but im not gonna show it because it is too bad for anyones eyes.Afterwards I made a slightly less horrible but still very shitty version until finally making this one.I'm happy with it.

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

it was october so about half a year ago i did this song, but then months later i realized it was going to be released for this album, so i re did it, and you will NEVER GET TO HEAR THE ORIGINAL VERSION NOW. both versions took about two hours but the Better One has more Synth1 presets

oh yeah, the song, its like, me and felix fighting, obviously id win and thats what the art shows but the actual result is Ambiguous and Left for Multiple Interpretations, i actually really like that it keeps switching to these rando songs because theyre suppose to represent team members just dropping in and saying "hi", also Discordant is a song from an album i made and its the Best Thing Ever, buy it

and the main melody thing is reverse megalovania

Event Horizon / Barium Starlight Listen on: YouTube

Sozzay: (Artist)

This piece is different from my usual work in that it involves darker, less saturated colours. Originally it was going to be cell shaded, but after lining it I decided that I wanted it to be a painting. The goal for this piece was a dynamic, mystical image with vivid contrasts in colour and a lot of black. I've always been inspired by the techniques and colour palettes used in renaissance art (and artwork of a similar calibre that I see on deviantart), and so I wanted to involve similar palettes and emulate similar techniques in my own artwork! I used an airbrush tool when painting Rose in order to make her look more realistic. I also established a light and dark contrast which, while not as dynamic as expected, I feel was able to add dramatic effect and have Rose appear more three dimensional.

Grace Medley: (Composer)

Hahah, Soz's art knocks my socks off, as usual. I knew that if I was going to treat this track right, I'd need to do something pretty hardcore. Listening back on it, I'd say it's not bad? Aside from Black Rose/Green Sun and Black Hole/Green Sun, there are three references to Rose themes from various albums. If you can spot one, then good job, you have ears. If you can spot two, well... nobody's going to spot two. If you somehow spot all three, I love you.

Thank You For Playing Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

yazshu: (Organizer)

skyplayer has been MIA for awhile so im just gonna write down commentary that its a fucking siiva joke theres nothing to commentate on

Skyplayer: (Artist)

Hey guys im alive -- I doodled (mostly tracing in Sai, a bit of photoshop) this during one of those times we thought Siiva ended. One of those dozens of times. You think the channel could have a more satisfying ending than Homestuck?.....Yeah probably.

Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

I don't think this one requires any explanation. But it *does* make a great excuse to thank you all for playing with us and joining along in this crazy ride. Thank you all for your support, and I'll see you next album!

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