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Crystal Finale

track cover

track cover

Tags: Rose, Hella Jeff

By Noisemaker ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ).
Cover art by Makin.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 3:15.

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Tracks that Crystal Finale references:

Artist commentary:

Noisemaker: (Composer)

It's been a long time in the making, but I'm glad to finally be able to get this track out to the public in some form. It's been well over a year (maybe even two) since I made a track even remotely related to Homestuck, so coming back to crank out one last hurrah felt great. It's amazing to me that this team has existed for nearly 5 whole years, and it alone was a huge part of what helped me really improve and grow musically to the point I'm at now. Thank you to everyone who made music, art, and helped organize for this team and most importantly, thank YOU for listening to it all!

Makin: (Artist)

I was contacted to make track art for the final album a couple weeks before its release. As it's completely fitting of CANMT artistry, I took forever and basically forgot until Haeldral had to step in. Even if my art went unused, the important thing is that the art lead to a request to stream the album, which led to my coming back to the CANMT server, which led to my asking a question about why Noisemaker's epic track wasn't included. Anyway, turns out everyone but me had forgotten about it, under 12 hours before release, but we squeezed it in! The moral of the story here is to never finish your track art, life will reward you anyway. Enjoy the track!

cookiefonster: (Originally Intended Recipient of the Track Art)

Just to be clear, Makin's track art was originally intended for Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix). It ended up being used for this track instead.

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