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Moshi Travels to the Future

track cover

By bobthetacocat tacocatcreative Twitter.
Cover art by bobthetacocat tacocatcreative Twitter.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 2:29.

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Tracks that Moshi Travels to the Future references:

Artist commentary:

bobthetacocat: (Composer)

This track is actually an old project from 2018 (almost 20 years ago!) that I think still holds up. There was really no time for me to create something new for the final album, unfortunately. I really would've liked to, but life's been busy and I've been doing awful and such, you know how it is.

Speaking of 2018 and the final album - It's weird to think that so much time has passed since CaNMT started. I mean, seriously, half a decade has gone by, give or take. Ain't that kinda crazy?

I really do have to thank CaNMT for giving me a place where it was okay to be really, really shitty at whatever you were doing. It was okay! How could it not be, that was kind of the whole point. When I started making art for CaNMT I was just some cringe awful kid who really had no idea what they were doing, art or music wise, but wanted to interact with a community of something that I binged in a week and then read a fancomic of. From there, I was given a platform to learn digital art and work on completely terrible mashups, which allowed me to expand out into other things like I have to become a slightly less cringe awful adult. I went from making shitty rips that were posted on the Youtube channel to SiIvagunner team, from making really bad mouse art and having no idea what I was doing to the occasional person wanting to spend money on me, which is weird, amd I really don't think I'd be in the same place at all if I wasn't in an environment that fostered growth like this and gave me the chance to experiment like this team did. For that, I have to thank the team for existing to allow people to grow and develop to a fuller potential.

(You can even see that this happened in general if you look back, actually. Our team lost some of the joke-y shitty bite as time went on with the project, as a lot of the team members got actually good at what they did over time. Compare the overall quality of voluem 1 to 9 or " ", for instance. It's kind of incredible, when you look at it.)

Thanks y'all for tuning in for however many times you did, and I hope that I am able to work with my cool and new peers on a project sometime in the future, Homestuck or not. (Preferably not, I've really forgotten a lot of Homestuck stuff.)

bobthetacocat: (Artist)

A less sappy thing, for the track art section - even though I'm not really involved much with Homestuck and CaNWC as much as I was back in the day, I can't deny that Homestuck and CaNMT is baked into everything I work on nowadays. The original characters that I create and draw are all that Homestuck Brand #FFFFFF White and some "speak in purple lowercase", whatever that means.

On the music side, a lot of the things that I use for making music are also just cobbled together bits and pieces from things I picked up from CaNMT and making rips with le canrival and such. (Like, seriously, all of the stuff in the le canrival project file - EB soundfont, Famisynth, Nexus, DVS Bass, etc. - is still stuff I use on the regular, lol.) With all that I've made with that kind of stuff, I thought it was only fitting that i used the le canrival project in a SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day arrangement, really. (well, that and I thought it would be funny and make people a bit confused)

Even if I wanted to divorce myself from Homestuck and say that I absolutely hate it and never want to touch it again, not that I really believe that, I couldn't. Isn't that kinda funny? I think it is. I bemoan that Homestuck influenced my brain to such a degree, but I don't really mean it.

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