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track cover

By Wheals Other.
Cover art by Jonah "Sanctferum" Paley.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 2:36.

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Tracks that Sunset references:

Artist commentary:

Wheals: (Composer)

Always did liked Sunsetter. More than ever though, I became a fan after hearing Toby Fox's vocal cover of the song that was sort of gremlined up in this team's past. Originally, it seems, his song was going to be a ballad about youth, the loss of innocence, friends, and growing up. Naturally, I can't listen to that version without being transported back to the days that I first read Homestuck's early acts. Going back to that feeling is a big part of why I fell in love with CANWC--and that of course led me to CANMT as well, which was an amazing experience.

Ultimately, while I never went on to focus on music as a career or even a steady hobby, some of my best times were making music and I wanted to write something for the send-off to CANMT. Sunsetter, both for the name and the feeling it's evoked in me ever since hearing the lyrics, felt like a perfect choice.

Starting out, I made a quiet, relaxed track, where I tried to capture a little of the nostalgia I was feeling. Until then I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had made anything, but in the end the style is pretty similar to stuff I'd made before. So I hope you enjoy my little contribution to the final album, Suset [sic]

Sanctferum: (Artist)

I made this for a non-existant cool and new version of Pendulum from ColoUrs and Mayhem Universe B, that would have been called "pantaloon". But the actual track doesn't exist and never will. I wanted it on an album regardless so I decided that it would make decent track art for Sunset. Y'know, the sun has set on dabe's life and now he is dead, that kind of thing. The Cool and New Music Team is also dead so it sort of fits, right? ...Right? (Right.)

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