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By Cecily Renns johnjrenns Bandcamp user-621444340 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube CecilyRenns Twitter johnjrenns Twitter CecilyRenns Patreon.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 4:58.

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Tracks that Epilogue references:

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Isn't it strange how everyone leaves you behind?
You're starting to think they're probably right
Isn't it strange the way you make your friends cry?
I'm starting to think I'm probably right.

Artist commentary:

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

despite the title, has nothing to do with the Homestuck Epilogues. i made this song with the intent to make the "final song" to CANMT. as of writing this commentary i don't actually know if it's at the end of the album, we'll have to see - that is my intent, though. for a long time, i've joked that Rain (my solo album) was the "ending" to CANMT, and that everything since then has been an epilogue. that was clearly a joke, and i don't mean to undermine the efforts of everyone who has made stuff since then. but because i've made that joke, i figured i might as well actually make the final song of CANMT. if not anyone else, then who but me? anyway the song itself is kinda a boring future bass song. i made it back when i was on a future bass binge. but the part i'm most proud of is that the very end of the track loops back around to Cascante, Noisemaker's song and, of course, the opener to the very first CANMT album, voulem 1. i love cyclical stuff like that, and this was basically the only idea i actually had in my mind before going in and making the song. there is also a reference to a Jeff Burgess song here, which is suppose to connect it with Back in Oak Ridge, my other song that also references a Jeff Burgess song. it's a song about how you've lost all your friends. i kinda wanted to end it on a bittersweet note. maybe i should have used "We'll Meet Again" or something instead, lol.

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