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Don't Enter the Jungle

track cover

track cover

Tags: Gate

By tempest2k ( External ( , Bandcamp , External ( , Twitter ).
Cover art by tempest2k ( External ( , Bandcamp , External ( , Twitter ).
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 2:09.

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Artist commentary:

tempest2k: (Composer)

This technically isn't a song that I made. It was made long ago by someone in similar circumstances, who couldn't get Don't by Approaching Nirvana out of their head. I opened my project file, made a few adjustments, and then exported it for use on this last album. You could consider it an offering, or a tribute, or simply a final contribution from someone who effectively doesn't exist anymore. Without them, and without this team, I wouldn't be making art today. For all these years, I'm incredibly thankful.

tempest2k: (Artist)

Fun fact: did you know that years ago the roleplaying website teased something called Little is known about it, but it was planned to be an immersive tabletop roleplaying experience for Homestuck and SBURB itself. Some beta testers were let in, but to my knowledge rarely any of them are active in the community anymore or have divulged what the experience was like. It was cancelled because of its scope. I can't cite a source here because I got this information directly from the main developer on the project in the now-deleted MSPARP Discord server. (Different from the MXRP Discord server.)

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