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track cover

By cctv.
Cover art by Haeldral Other.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 1:32.

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Tracks that snusrettte references:

Artist commentary:

cctv: (Composer)

ah, this stupid song. No effort put into this is at all to be fair. Back when I was first getting into working with midi files I uploaded the sunsetter midi from toby fox into the noteflight editor and got this awful result. Fast Forward about a year or so later when there was a thread on reddit offering positions on the canmt, I uploaded this with a few other snippets and got accepted onto the team. Felt like this deserved a place on the final album.

Haeldral: (Artist)

ah, this stupid track art. Some efforts put into this to be fair. Sunsetter with sax, a sunset with a sun-sax. Sounds about right.

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