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By Pipko Fanfare Other pipko Bandcamp YouTube YouTube FanfarePipko Twitter.
Cover art by Haeldral Other.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 3:00.

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Tracks that Endurance references:

Tracks that reference Endurance:

From Fandom:

Artist commentary:

Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

Nothing says "not totally self absorbed" like remixing your own song, right? >_> This started off more as just practice with arranging for my virtual orchestra but it ultimately came out pretty ok so here it is. I think my favorite detail is the "unison bend" in the high strings around 0:45 or so. (It sounds kinda like a train whistle.) That was a part of the original Endure too, but it sounds way cooler with realistic samples!

Haeldral: (Artist)

I really liked the song, and it reminded me of something. There I realized it was a remix,so when dC told me he had nothing particular in mind, I decided to draw a scene on Prospit to make a callback to the original. For some reason, I decided to make an odd, blocky style to illustrate this Prospitian chase. Well, I think it turns out fine.

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