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Twilight Rhythm

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By koba kobacat Bandcamp kensabrush SoundCloud Spotify Spotify kensabrush Twitter YouTube YouTube kobacat Tumblr Other.
Cover art by cookiefonster cookiefonster Bandcamp Other.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 3:12.

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Artist commentary:

koba: (Composer)

i've been wanting to make an original composition for a team album for a while and since it's the final album, i figured there's probably no better time than doing it now since it's the final main album

all the songs ive made for the team, going back to when i went by the name Sir Felix, i feel very VERY conflicted about a lot of them, especially things like licord that i don't exactly look fondly of since at the time, i made it because i genuinely wanted to make a song instead of making a joke or something (obviously what i wanted to make and what was actually made are different though), but this song i feel pretty proud of, without having to have made it super complex or anything

i made this song around the time i was into Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (read the VN or watch the anime etiher way it's very good), and i was really wanting to repliacte a song that kinda brings the vibe of a song youd hear in an early or mid 2000s video game or visual novel, hence why i specifically put the bitrate a little bit low (i don't exactly remember what bitrate i made it originally though lol)

that's also why there's a motif from the song 'You' made by dai, that's sorta like a reoccuring theme from Higurashi, i felt like putting it in the song is a nice nod to a song that inspired me to make this one a bit, and it fits pretty well i think in it too

this might not be the best song i've made for the team for people, but i'm pretty proud of it, and for a song that's in the final album, i think it's fitting for the mood of it, kinda slow and melancholy

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