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the baby is 3

track cover

By Ray Mike user-277708053 SoundCloud raytheradguymaiky Tumblr theradguywoah Twitter.
Cover art by tempest2k Other nuclear333 Bandcamp Spotify Spotify secily_iopara Twitter tempest2k Tumblr fluttering-epaulette Tumblr tempestbreeze Carrd secilyiopara Carrd.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 1:22.

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Tracks that the baby is 3 references:

Artist commentary:

Ray Mike: (Composer)

babies and stuff

cookiefonster: (Not the Composer)

Since the commentary on this track was so short, I'll just say here that it so

happens that the entire rest of the album doesn't have unique track art. Trust

me, it's just a weird coincidence.


Noisemaker's track has track art after all, and it was put in last minute.

In the album stream, this commentary unfortunately wasn't accurate.

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