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By Interrobang.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 4:22.

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Tracks that Learn With Caliborn (Typing Adventure) 3: Consonant Conquest references:

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Interrobang: (Composer)

Going by title, this is the final installment in a trilogy of tracks - koba's "Learn with Caliborn - Typing Adventure" off of Cool and New Volume 2, and my own "Enter with Caliborn - Destruction Adventure" from Cool and New Homestuck Volume 2. For those unfamiliar, these tracks were at least in part based off of the "Boss Battle" theme from a Pokemon-themed typing game. However, that theme appears nowhere in this track. Why, then, should I call it what I'm calling it? Simple - I couldn't think of anything better, and Sanctferum threw had the idea for the current title. Lets switch gears to the track itself. I'm a big fan of Bowman's "Constant Conquest" from the Cherubim album, and doing a remix of it was something that was rolling around in my head for a while. The first half is an almost ambient remix of the original, employing some techniques I'd wanted to experiment with for a while as well. Each instrument in the percussion section is on a loop of a different length, resulting in an ever-changing "beat" under the track's melody. The second and final section is maybe a bit more straightforward, and I think I did an okay job spiritually replicating the incredible drop present in Bowman's original. Anyway, I'm glad the song turned out the way it did, and to me, its a good way to go out in terms of Homestuck Fanmusic.

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