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Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix)

track cover

By cookiefonster ( Bandcamp , External ( ).
Cover art by Gryotharian ( SoundCloud , YouTube , Tumblr , DeviantArt ).
Released 12/19/2021.
Duration: 1:53.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix) references:

Artist commentary:


Another song from the Cool and New Music Team, this time for their final album: cool and new volume 3. I pretty much barfed Aggrieve onto Famitracker, changed some chords here and there, and that's that. I think it came out pretty good.


Upon Makin’s suggestion, someone needed to make the art for this Rose pondering her orb. And that someone was me. I like to think she does this regularly. Has a special room in her house just for Orb Pondering. And Kanaya just has to deal with it.

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