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It Was Nice

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By Ragzilla.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 0:56.

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(Is it terrifying?)
(No, I don't think so)
(It's the way it is, y'know, everything must come to an end)
(The drip finally stops)

(Yeah I don't know if the songwriters put that much thought into the existential significance)
(But isn't the point of art less what people put into it and more what people get out of it?)
(Is that the point of art?)
(Maybe, or maybe art doesn't need a point, maybe that's why it's called art)
(I can't tell if you're being smart or stupid)
(Oh I never know)
(I think you had it for a moment, then it lost it)
(Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, right?)

Artist commentary:

Ragzilla: (Composer)

Part 1/2. It was nice is a mix of the homestuck music and a bojack horseman sample. I adore the themes of this one. I handpicked the quotes to perfectly describe the feeling I felt writing the last songs I would for this project. The first quote details the feeling of "its okay for things to come to an end." It's a feeling we shouldn't be afraid of. The second quote is my favorite example of how even if this music is stupid, it can mean a lot to someone, even in the dumbest ways. Maybe the songwiters didn't put that much thought into the jokes, or the feeling that came with them, but a listener can get an entire new experience out of it. and even if things are coming to an end, hey, it was nice while it lasted, right?

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