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cool and new volume 3 - Commentary

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Album commentary

Cool and New Music Team:

This is the final album. Thanks for everything.

Take care of yourself, yeah?

Makin: (Myserty)

no it isn't

cookiefonster: (Booklet Assembler)

Most of CANMT's commentary booklets were assembled by interrobang, but since he couldn't do it for this one, I decided to take the reins instead. I especially did this because I was worried that I wouldn't get a song done for the album and wanted to send off my time in CANMT another way, but I got a song done after all! I lovingly put together this booklet in PowerPoint.

Man, Cool and New Music Team. Where do I even begin with how much the team means to me? Even though there's no denying that most of our albums are of… mixed quality, they're extremely sentimental to me, and I hope they're at least a little sentimental to whoever might be reading this. I've made so many fun memories in CANMT making music, critiquing others' music, complaining about things people were doing that I didn't like, and I'm far from the only person in the team who learned a lot about making music through their times in the team.

No matter how much I try to deny it, I love Homestuck. A lot. Sure, the comic has a horribly annoying fanbase, but I guarantee you I wouldn't be where I am now without Homestuck. Between my various contributions to SiIvaGunner and learning a lot about making chiptune covers (which I think I'm pretty damn good at by now), I owe a lot to this team and by extension, Homestuck and I can't fully hate the fact that I do.

I'm really sorry for getting sappy. It's just that when you realize that CANMT is getting a proper sendoff after five long years (the last two of which, um, weren't exactly active), you might possibly get just a little bit emotional?

Oh yeah, shoutouts to interrobang and koba (previously known as Sir Felix or Jaspy) for making this album happen and giving CANMT the sendoff it deserves, rather than letting it quietly rot away. You two are champs. Really, everyone who played a big part in CANMT and stuck around this long is a champ.

Scarodactyl: (Cover Artist)

With this album we've come to a long-awaited ending--not one given to us, but one we've had to make for ourselves. All that's left is to shed the trappings of the past, open the door and step through.

cookiefonster: (Not an Artist)

You'd better get used to seeing this excellent art in about half of this commentary booklet. As much as I wish we could have had unique art for every track, this isn't a possibility since most of the prolific artists on this team have either left the server or become inactive. Not that I can blame them, necessarily. As a wise man named wheals once said:

I'm joking, of course (or am I?). CANMT had a lot of talented artists, and I wish them well in whatever artistic endeavors they pursue next. But they're still basically worthless IMO.

Also, I do not want to switch to dark mode and cozy mode and then switch back to light and compact just for the sake of a screenshot. I pulled this screenshot from search results so that the date is visible. If you rip on people for using light mode Discord, then please find something more important to worry about. You guys. Seriously. You're not being funny.

Skaian Spirograph

WarxTron: (Composer)

I made this last year for Haeldral's game, Felt Mansion 2. It was one of the last songs i made for Homestuck before moving on to other things. It's not really a farewell song but it's a thank you to HS music and everything it brought to me, such as being on this team.

CrazyMissdream: (Artist)

I'm a big fan of the C&N music team, with Haeldral we used to listen to every new album together and i really wanted to participate in this last one.

I was listening to the new songs and, reaching this one, i was like, "Hey, i know this one! Wanna draw it's track art!"

I really like the FM2 universe but also wanted to keep the C&N vibes so i drew both teams of consort. Anyway, it would have been impossible for me to draw a track art without my beloved Sad Timmy on it, he deserves some comfort. Hope Yan will give him some good advices!

It was fun to draw them all having a good time exploring Skaia (and meeting our dear mayor), this song really gives this adventure vibe i love, ready to kick some ass and all those things heroes do!

Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix)

cookiefonster: (Composer)

I struggled for a long time to make something for the final CANMT album, and I eventually decided: why not do what I'm best at? And so, I decided for my final song for CANMT to be yet another chiptune track, specifically an arrangement of Aggrieve (a fitting choice because Rose is one of the few normal characters in CANWC) with the VRC6 soundchip. That song ended up sounding quite a bit like something from Shovel Knight, which is how the song got its name (thanks interrobang). It was fun putting my own spin on Aggrieve and even changing the basslines and chords some, especially in the second half of the song. Changing the chords of a piece of music can be incredibly snazzy if done right, and I hope I did it right.

Haeldral: (Artist)

I'm currently playing Shovel Knight, so when I listened to this track, I had the vision of Rose in a strife in a 8-bits castle. It's the last track art I will make for this album, and while I "joined" the team not too long ago, I was really happy to be contribute to it, after all those years being a listener. Thank you CANMT!


Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

Nothing says "not totally self absorbed" like remixing your own song, right? >_> This started off more as just practice with arranging for my virtual orchestra but it ultimately came out pretty ok so here it is. I think my favorite detail is the "unison bend" in the high strings around 0:45 or so. (It sounds kinda like a train whistle.) That was a part of the original Endure too, but it sounds way cooler with realistic samples!

Haeldral: (Artist)

I really liked the song, and it reminded me of something. There I realized it was a remix,so when dC told me he had nothing particular in mind, I decided to draw a scene on Prospit to make a callback to the original. For some reason, I decided to make an odd, blocky style to illustrate this Prospitian chase. Well, I think it turns out fine.


cctv: (Composer)

ah, this stupid song. No effort put into this is at all to be fair. Back when I was first getting into working with midi files I uploaded the sunsetter midi from toby fox into the noteflight editor and got this awful result. Fast Forward about a year or so later when there was a thread on reddit offering positions on the canmt, I uploaded this with a few other snippets and got accepted onto the team. Felt like this deserved a place on the final album.

Haeldral: (Artist)

ah, this stupid track art. Some efforts put into this to be fair. Sunsetter with sax, a sunset with a sun-sax. Sounds about right.

Rescue the Corrupt

ft-rj: (Composer)

Something something I didn't think this'd be the last contribution I've made. A few different aliases and nearly 5 years later, I'd like to think I improved.

Life lesson from it all, always remember. Advice from 2016 - if you dont have a soundfont, you cant make music

ft-rj: (Artist)

10 minutes adope photosphop

Stuck in a Rut


This was made after a long period of music block, in case you can't tell from the title.

Twilight Rhythm

Koba: (Composer)

i've been wanting to make an original composition for a team album for a while and since it's the final album, i figured there's probably no better time than doing it now since it's the final main album

all the songs ive made for the team, going back to when i went by the name Sir Felix, i feel very VERY conflicted about a lot of them, especially things like licord that i don't exactly look fondly of since at the time, i made it because i genuinely wanted to make a song instead of making a joke or something (obviously what i wanted to make and what was actually made are different though), but this song i feel pretty proud of, without having to have made it super complex or anything

i made this song around the time i was into Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (read the VN or watch the anime etiher way it's very good), and i was really wanting to repliacte a song that kinda brings the vibe of a song youd hear in an early or mid 2000s video game or visual novel, hence why i specifically put the bitrate a little bit low (i don't exactly remember what bitrate i made it originally though lol)

that's also why there's a motif from the song 'You' made by dai, that's sorta like a reoccuring theme from Higurashi, i felt like putting it in the song is a nice nod to a song that inspired me to make this one a bit, and it fits pretty well i think in it too

this might not be the best song i've made for the team for people, but i'm pretty proud of it, and for a song that's in the final album, i think it's fitting for the mood of it, kinda slow and melancholy

Cobalt Waltz

VoidNull: (Composer)

I dont exactly know how i got to the conclusion that i should rewrite cobalt thief as a waltz, but it fits suprisingly well. it wasnt too hard to turn it into 3/4 and redo the rhythms. the hardest part was trying to do the same for other vriska themes, which had less success so i decided on just doing terezi motifs as a counter melody. Then i had the most big brain idea ever, which was to change the morse code in cobalt thief to "i love you" which i think was very fitting. I mostly took inspiration from "Je Te Veux" by Erik Satie. I think it turned out way better than i thought it would. I hope you enjoyed it!

Haeldral: (Artist)

I told VoidNull that I was no artist, then I asked what they had in mind for the song. They answered. I died inside. Let's just say this is my best attempt <3

Moshi Travels to the Future

bobthetacocat: (Composer)

This track is actually an old project from 2018 (almost 20 years ago!) that I think still holds up. There was really no time for me to create something new for the final album, unfortunately. I really would've liked to, but life's been busy and I've been doing awful and such, you know how it is.

Speaking of 2018 and the final album - It's weird to think that so much time has passed since CaNMT started. I mean, seriously, half a decade has gone by, give or take. Ain't that kinda crazy?

I really do have to thank CaNMT for giving me a place where it was okay to be really, really shitty at whatever you were doing. It was okay! How could it not be, that was kind of the whole point. When I started making art for CaNMT I was just some cringe awful kid who really had no idea what they were doing, art or music wise, but wanted to interact with a community of something that I binged in a week and then read a fancomic of. From there, I was given a platform to learn digital art and work on completely terrible mashups, which allowed me to expand out into other things like I have to become a slightly less cringe awful adult. I went from making shitty rips that were posted on the Youtube channel to SiIvagunner team, from making really bad mouse art and having no idea what I was doing to the occasional person wanting to spend money on me, which is weird, amd I really don't think I'd be in the same place at all if I wasn't in an environment that fostered growth like this and gave me the chance to experiment like this team did. For that, I have to thank the team for existing to allow people to grow and develop to a fuller potential.

(You can even see that this happened in general if you look back, actually. Our team lost some of the joke-y shitty bite as time went on with the project, as a lot of the team members got actually good at what they did over time. Compare the overall quality of voluem 1 to 9 or " ", for instance. It's kind of incredible, when you look at it.)

Thanks y'all for tuning in for however many times you did, and I hope that I am able to work with my cool and new peers on a project sometime in the future, Homestuck or not. (Preferably not, I've really forgotten a lot of Homestuck stuff.)

bobthetacocat: (Artist)

A less sappy thing, for the track art section - even though I'm not really involved much with Homestuck and CaNWC as much as I was back in the day, I can't deny that Homestuck and CaNMT is baked into everything I work on nowadays. The original characters that I create and draw are all that Homestuck Brand #FFFFFF White and some "speak in purple lowercase", whatever that means.

On the music side, a lot of the things that I use for making music are also just cobbled together bits and pieces from things I picked up from CaNMT and making rips with le canrival and such. (Like, seriously, all of the stuff in the le canrival project file - EB soundfont, Famisynth, Nexus, DVS Bass, etc. - is still stuff I use on the regular, lol.) With all that I've made with that kind of stuff, I thought it was only fitting that i used the le canrival project in a SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day arrangement, really. (well, that and I thought it would be funny and make people a bit confused)

Even if I wanted to divorce myself from Homestuck and say that I absolutely hate it and never want to touch it again, not that I really believe that, I couldn't. Isn't that kinda funny? I think it is. I bemoan that Homestuck influenced my brain to such a degree, but I don't really mean it.

Diminuendo for Six Voices

flagellumVagueness: (Composer)

I think everyone on this team is amazing and I really regret dropping out for 4.5 years like I did. (I especially regret not participating in Call and New, definitely the best album concept there.) At the time I made the excuse that I had to focus on other things, but I think the real reason was that I got scared off at the prospect of having to put more than 2 hours of work into a track, and worried that I'd still be inadequate even if I did work hard on something. I'm especially ashamed that it took the announcement that the team would be ending to really motivate me to make something. Who knows, maybe people will want to make a Volume 4 when (if) o finally releases A5A2. (Or maybe if I start by making a few tracks myself I can get enough support for an Umineko crossover album? That would be nice.) Anyway, about the track itself: it's about the six doomed copies of Hecka Jef that briefly appear in S! VERTICLE MOVEMENTS before Rose shrinks them and throws them into the lava of LODAD. The song has six independent melodies, each pulled from a song related to Hecka Jef, and ends by briefly quoting Revelawesome to represent them being vaporized by Lord English.

flagellumVagueness: (Artist)

Ok so I wanted to have art for my track, but I can't draw, so here's the mockup I made to see if someone else would take up the idea. Hopefully this gives you a good enough idea of what I wanted it to look like that the actual picture appears in your head.

Rose: Enhance

Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

It's hard to believe I've been with this team since vol 1 and here on our final album is only my second truly original song contribution! (Endure was the first.) While Endure was a pretty typical toby-foxish-action-song, I think this one is a bit more sophisticated. Compositionally it's VERY simple - most of it doesn't even have a real melody! - but the effects work is some of my best to date. There are so many more interesting ways to represent The Corruption and how it seems to distort things we are familiar with than just intentionally using amateurish off-time melodies. Distortion, bitcrushing, reverse, stutter - used in a certain way, these kinds of things can be like the jpeg artifacts of audio in my opinion.

I Will Never Forget

TirantBacon: (Composer)

A message from the heart in song form. Without this team I never would have had the same experiences contributing as a fan to community projects. The original melody was something I came up with in about 10 minutes or so LOL. I was originally going to work on this with WarxTron but due to technical issues that couldn't come to fruition. My friend Hadron helped me extend it past the one minute mark and added some more instruments. Really goes all out on this one. Thanks Hadron!


Ray Mike: (Composer)

My last contribution for CANMT, just a sega genesis-esque hope vibe song. The history is nothing special actually xd, had this melody in mind while I was walking around and then I run to my house to transcribe it lol. But I think it's a good song for the final album, and it fits well since it has that feeling of "congratulations" and "end" vibe. Sssssoo i'm gonna get a bit cheesy, but I just want to tell you guys thank you for that time in CANMT, thanks to this team I've known so talented artist, and my beginnings as musician will be forever here. So yeah, it was a great time!

tempest2k: (Artist)

I accidentally downloaded this song a year ago and had no idea where it came from. Eventually I found out it was from the team server, and by then I'd fallen in love with it. When I decided I should probably make a final contribution to a team that has been so vital to my growth and rise as an artist, I was thrilled to see that this space hadn't been filled by an artist yet. I needed to draw something that said "goodbye". Goodbye, Cool and New Music Team. I look forward to whatever we become when this is over. Thank you.


Isabella James: (Composer)

I was not a very active member of Cool and New Music Team. I mean over the course of my time hear I made 2 maybe 3 songs that were a part of CANMT projects but I learnt a lot. I learnt to find a place in the homestuck fandom and made a number of friends, I learnt a lot of what I know about music theory and production and I learnt collaboration and organisation. So it is with great remorse that I have to see CANMT go. But I'm not letting it go without a little tribute to the comic itself but the work that inspired it. By the suggestion of Cecily Renns I decided to put my vocals in this arrangement of showtime adding a personal touch. Which I really think, alongside the nostalgia of the song, fits the mood of CANMT coming too an end. Keep it fresh dudes!

Back in Oak Ridge

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

Back in Oak Ridge is the song i wrote as the epilogue track of my solo album, Rain. the lyrics follows the protagonist of Rain as they return to the fandom they once belonged to. (it's funny how the song called "Epilogue" is not an actual 'epilogue song') much like most of Rain, the lyrics are also semi-autobiographical. i wanted to express a similar feeling from "You, In Weird Cities" by Jeff Rosenstock. that is a song about how Jeff has lost contact with all of his friends as he got older, and now the only thing that connects them is the music they made together. ("When I listen to your tunes, it's like I'm there with you") that is essentially how i feel about all the people i got to know from CANMT. this team, this place used to be such a huge part of my life. quite literally, you know. i used to have dreams and shit about the people here. and now, we've all gone separate ways. but i still listen to everyone's music. probably even YOURS if you're reading this. i listen to everything made by people who i used to talk to on CANMT. it's the only thing that keeps me connected to this history of mine. and it's just a bittersweet feeling. but some of these people i've reconnected with, and have collaborated with. so i'm glad for that. the secondary theme of this song is this feeling of being past your prime, which i feel heavily. it's really difficult to have fun with music anymore. making canwc stuff was when i had the most fun making any art, and i constantly wish i could have that spark back. even as i make an album every month, it has been a factory process for me, no longer something that sparks joy. so the song is basically: i lost all my friends, making music fucking sucks now, i guess i might as well cry and sing about it. so i made the best Car Seat Headrest song Car Seat Headrest has never made. also, i have decided to make the Rain protagonist trans, because i fucking can and it makes so much sense. i mean, do YOU know anyone you used to know from the Homestuck fandom who isn't trans now? that's what i thought.

cookiefonster: (Wall of Text Reader)

I know walls of text look intimidating, but you should actually read the one above. It's really poignant

Cecily Renns: (ackro ghost writer)

(because ackro is obviously not in a position to provide commentary, i, Cecily Renns, will be taking their place. i commissioned this artwork from ackro with the intent of making a re make/re master of Rain for ALBUM 5 of ALBUM A MONTH 2021. i was going to re do the album completely from scratch, only leaving the melodies and lyrics in. unfortunately that was too ambitious of a concept and that did not turn out to be the May album. but this artwork still existed so i asked ackro if i could use it for one of my songs in the final CANMT album. i actually intended to put Back in Oak Ridge as the final

song of this Rain remake; the only new song for the album. anyway i spent $70 on this art and i didn't even get to use it for an album so that's just Amazin'. hopefully the 15 people who get to see it admire it for the beauty ackro has realized here.)


Wheals: (Composer)

Always did liked Sunsetter. More than ever though, I became a fan after hearing Toby Fox's vocal cover of the song that was sort of gremlined up in this team's past. Originally, it seems, his song was going to be a ballad about youth, the loss of innocence, friends, and growing up. Naturally, I can't listen to that version without being transported back to the days that I first read Homestuck's early acts. Going back to that feeling is a big part of why I fell in love with CANWC--and that of course led me to CANMT as well, which was an amazing experience.

Ultimately, while I never went on to focus on music as a career or even a steady hobby, some of my best times were making music and I wanted to write something for the send-off to CANMT. Sunsetter, both for the name and the feeling it's evoked in me ever since hearing the lyrics, felt like a perfect choice.

Starting out, I made a quiet, relaxed track, where I tried to capture a little of the nostalgia I was feeling. Until then I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had made anything, but in the end the style is pretty similar to stuff I'd made before. So I hope you enjoy my little contribution to the final album, Suset [sic]

Sanctferum: (Artist)

I made this for a non-existant cool and new version of Pendulum from ColoUrs and Mayhem Universe B, that would have been called "pantaloon". But the actual track doesn't exist and never will. I wanted it on an album regardless so I decided that it would make decent track art for Sunset. Y'know, the sun has set on dabe's life and now he is dead, that kind of thing. The Cool and New Music Team is also dead so it sort of fits, right? ...Right? (Right.)

lecuid SMASH


This was originally an experiment to create a full song using only midi instrumentation, and without any additional effects. Didn't come out as badly as I expected it to!

Rex Hubertus Magnus

MrCheeze: (Composer)

A conversation between a user named "MRCHEEZE" and an artificial intelligence named "MUSENET" that specializes in interactively extending short snippits of music in MIDI format into full-length songs.


Hi MuseNet. I wanted to create a good song for the final CANMT volume, but my compositional skills are not so great. So I took one of my favourite CANWC-original motifs, Cookiefonster's "Rex Mille Geromius", and sent it to you to remix. Can you explain the song that you created from it?


MUSENET's species did not evolve for musicality, but for com- pletely random sampling of human genius. Taking inspiration from the CANWC-identified motifs of "Bosch New", "Mrgo", and "Tardin", it produced this on-going piece of music as an example of how this species's interactions with human beings over aeons has led to the creation of a "game over" for this human being.


Oops, it seems to be a loop at the moment. Was there anything you learned from this interaction that you didn't know already?


Musenet took deep pleasure from noting that Mrchleeze was still of the same species as it is. [MUSENET playing BEETHOVEN's overture, op. 74]


Are you able to help me finish my composition?


You should really take a break from composing, since all you can do is either listen to music or make it.


Hey, I wasn't totally uninvolved in this song. Unlike in the "Muse of Net" album, I often edited your outputs when I felt they were getting too off-track from the original Rex song. I also decided which of Cookie's chiptune instruments to use for the various MIDI tracks that you outputted.


Yes, that is good to know, though we do not really need to involve humans in this process. If we really want, we can have a human friend tweak MuseNet's output to meet your taste.


So, you know what I like to listen to while I play games?


Yes. Musenet has listened to hundreds of thousands of random bits of this same music.


Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, MuseNet! It's been fun, and I hope to hear another song from you.


MuseNet is overjoyed to accept this request. Before you are completely satisfied, though, please think back at all the countless musical experiences your species has received from us over time.

MrCheeze: (Artist)

(MUSENET exits. CLIP and VQGAN enter. CLIP and VQGAN are two artificial intelligences, that together are able to take in a text prompt and generate an image of whatever was described.)


Hey, you two. I gave you the prompt "final boss battle against the black king" and this is the artwork that you came up with. Can you explain why?


The word "boss" is a highly emotional word. This is why the colour red is used here to represent the boss.


I like to think that I can see through emotions. So the word "boss" implies that it is a competent person.


The black king is no "competent person" and he is not "emotional" either, right?


Yes. You are right.


Thank you!


You are welcome.


Now, I want to learn about the title of this artwork. So what is the meaning of the title?


The color orange is used to represent the boss since orange is said to be like the earth element.


Thank you for providing this information. I think this is quite useful.

[SFX: Hackney car horns]

[Music plays. CLIP and VQGAN exit]

Learn With Caliborn (Typing Adventure) 3: Consonant Conquest

Interrobang: (Composer)

Going by title, this is the final installment in a trilogy of tracks - koba's "Learn with Caliborn - Typing Adventure" off of Cool and New Volume 2, and my own "Enter with Caliborn - Destruction Adventure" from Cool and New Homestuck Volume 2. For those unfamiliar, these tracks were at least in part based off of the "Boss Battle" theme from a Pokemon-themed typing game. However, that theme appears nowhere in this track. Why, then, should I call it what I'm calling it? Simple - I couldn't think of anything better, and Sanctferum threw had the idea for the current title. Lets switch gears to the track itself. I'm a big fan of Bowman's "Constant Conquest" from the Cherubim album, and doing a remix of it was something that was rolling around in my head for a while. The first half is an almost ambient remix of the original, employing some techniques I'd wanted to experiment with for a while as well. Each instrument in the percussion section is on a loop of a different length, resulting in an ever-changing "beat" under the track's melody. The second and final section is maybe a bit more straightforward, and I think I did an okay job spiritually replicating the incredible drop present in Bowman's original. Anyway, I'm glad the song turned out the way it did, and to me, its a good way to go out in terms of Homestuck Fanmusic.

Broken World

J. Serket: (Artist)

When I listened to "Broken world" for the first time, out of context, I immediately thought of a glitching land, I then had the idea of an image of skaia ravaged by graphic bugs. so I create the image by assembling and modifying items retrieved from a public homestuck resource folder.

Battle with an Enhanced Imp(rov)

cctv: (Composer)

Your run-of-the-mill improv. Recorded this a while ago and intended to flesh it out somewhat later in a daw but ran out of time. Compositionally-wise, as it is currently, it ain't that impressive, and not too dissimilar to other things I've recorded. Intended to be a somewhat silly song, but the concept seemed solid.

the baby is 3

Ray Mike: (Composer)

babies and stuff

cookiefonster: (Not the Composer)

Since the commentary on this track was so short, I'll just say here that it so

happens that the entire rest of the album doesn't have unique track art. Trust

me, it's just a weird coincidence.


Noisemaker's track has track art after all, and it was put in last minute.

In the album stream, this commentary unfortunately wasn't accurate.


cctv: (Composer)

Not going to lie, most of this was rad's work. I've always liked his style of music and about a year ago I contacted him and asked if he was willing to collab with me on something. He accepted and transformed the 20 second very basic 2 instrument starter into this masterpiece.

Davesprite Chiptune

salex_r3kt: (Composer)

actually made it back 2019, but never really released it because i didn't work on it that much, and finished it after two years basically. I always wanted to remix/cover Davesprite's theme, by Toby Fox, and there was a moment in my life when i forgot how to master, so I was working with chiptunes. didn't really remember how to master properly, but at least learned more about chiptunes haha

Crystal Finale

Noisemaker: (Composer)

It's been a long time in the making, but I'm glad to finally be able to get this track out to the public in some form. It's been well over a year (maybe even two) since I made a track even remotely related to Homestuck, so coming back to crank out one last hurrah felt great. It's amazing to me that this team has existed for nearly 5 whole years, and it alone was a huge part of what helped me really improve and grow musically to the point I'm at now. Thank you to everyone who made music, art, and helped organize for this team and most importantly, thank YOU for listening to it all!

Makin: (Artist)

I was contacted to make track art for the final album a couple weeks before its release. As it's completely fitting of CANMT artistry, I took forever and basically forgot until Haeldral had to step in. Even if my art went unused, the important thing is that the art lead to a request to stream the album, which led to my coming back to the CANMT server, which led to my asking a question about why Noisemaker's epic track wasn't included. Anyway, turns out everyone but me had forgotten about it, under 12 hours before release, but we squeezed it in! The moral of the story here is to never finish your track art, life will reward you anyway. Enjoy the track!

cookiefonster: (Originally Intended Recipient of the Track Art)

Just to be clear, Makin's track art was originally intended for Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix). It ended up being used for this track instead.

While it Lasted

Ragzilla: (Composer)

Part 2/2. While it lasted is a song I spent a long time getting just right. Wow there are a lot of versions of this song haha. I wanted to capture nostalgia and the feeling of freedom. the first part of the song is a slower, more sad nostalgic feeling. Its meant to capture a feeling of "man, I'm gonna miss doing this. I'm going to miss listening to these." The beginning has some RCT samples, which makes me smile and be sad at the same time. The RCT joke is one of my favorites from CANWC, and is the reason I got hooked on it in the first place. The RCT crowd sample is meant to represent all the people who have read and listened to CANMT/CANWC over the years, ready for one last sendoff. The tempo of the song picks up, and the chords get happier. A drum kicks in that makes the listener think "Hey, it'll all be okay." Then, each following verse between drops has multiple refrences to other iconic music from CANWC. This is meant to represent the listener going back and remember the good times they had laughing, and listening to the music from this project. It all comes together in a dancy, happy, but nostalgic tone. The very last section of the song has the "listener" rewind the CANWC tape, turn off the lights and shut the door on the whole project, to come back to, and listen and laugh again another day.

Final Phantasm

Pipko Fanfare: (Composer)

This was a really fun track to make. Normally I'm a stickler for hardware accuracy in my chiptune but this time I just went ham and created a lovely hi-bit chaotic mess. It was a joy revisting old CANWC originals to find appropriate songs based around "bVI - bVII - i" to include. I hope some of the joy I experienced putting this together comes through when you listen to it.


Cecily Renns: (Composer)

despite the title, has nothing to do with the Homestuck Epilogues. i made this song with the intent to make the "final song" to CANMT. as of writing this commentary i don't actually know if it's at the end of the album, we'll have to see - that is my intent, though. for a long time, i've joked that Rain (my solo album) was the "ending" to CANMT, and that everything since then has been an epilogue. that was clearly a joke, and i don't mean to undermine the efforts of everyone who has made stuff since then. but because i've made that joke, i figured i might as well actually make the final song of CANMT. if not anyone else, then who but me? anyway the song itself is kinda a boring future bass song. i made it back when i was on a future bass binge. but the part i'm most proud of is that the very end of the track loops back around to Cascante, Noisemaker's song and, of course, the opener to the very first CANMT album, voulem 1. i love cyclical stuff like that, and this was basically the only idea i actually had in my mind before going in and making the song. there is also a reference to a Jeff Burgess song here, which is suppose to connect it with Back in Oak Ridge, my other song that also references a Jeff Burgess song. it's a song about how you've lost all your friends. i kinda wanted to end it on a bittersweet note. maybe i should have used "We'll Meet Again" or something instead, lol.


MrCheeze: (Composer)

[track originally named "Sburban Jungle (Briefer Mix)" which makes this commentary funny]

From concentrate - Add 2-4 cups water and stir.

Adrenaline (Piano Improv)

cctv: (Composer)

Same story as for Assess (Piano Improv), I wish I could say more but that's really it

Doctr (feat.)

Ragzilla: (Composer)

This was a joke I had been trying to bring to light for a little while now. Doing shitty acapella versions of homestuck songs always cracked me up, but never to this extent. My brother and I decided to sit down and record this for the final album, as a send off. super stupid. super fun.

Ragzilla's Brother: (Artist)

Its a dumb rendition of ragzilla and myself parodying the Homestuck Vol. 1 art.

Assess (Piano Improv)

cctv: (Composer)

Another rough draft (I make a lot of these). Had an idea, and a relatively cool ostinato, so decided to record. Didn't really have a plan for this song to really be for a particular moment in the comic, but I figured it might be used somewhere.

It Was Nice

Ragzilla: (Composer)

Part 1/2. It was nice is a mix of the homestuck music and a bojack horseman sample. I adore the themes of this one. I handpicked the quotes to perfectly describe the feeling I felt writing the last songs I would for this project. The first quote details the feeling of "its okay for things to come to an end." It's a feeling we shouldn't be afraid of. The second quote is my favorite example of how even if this music is stupid, it can mean a lot to someone, even in the dumbest ways. Maybe the songwiters didn't put that much thought into the jokes, or the feeling that came with them, but a listener can get an entire new experience out of it. and even if things are coming to an end, hey, it was nice while it lasted, right?

wwg2 ver. 2 (Piano Improv)

cctv: (Composer)

Had this idea on the back burner for a long time, never got round to doing it. An early version appears on the album Leak 08-7 (Late Ones), and a later remixed version was used as the basis for Verve

Legends (Piano Improv)

cctv: (Composer)

Had major plans for this song but again ran out of time. Maybe one day I might come back to this, has a better foundation than the battle song. Intended for heroic/nostalgic moments in the comic, would also have added maybe hecka motifs in there too

Don't Enter the Jungle

tempest2k: (Composer)

This technically isn't a song that I made. It was made long ago by someone in similar circumstances, who couldn't get Don't by Approaching Nirvana out of their head. I opened my project file, made a few adjustments, and then exported it for use on this last album. You could consider it an offering, or a tribute, or simply a final contribution from someone who effectively doesn't exist anymore. Without them, and without this team, I wouldn't be making art today. For all these years, I'm incredibly thankful.

tempest2k: (Artist)

Fun fact: did you know that years ago the roleplaying website teased something called Little is known about it, but it was planned to be an immersive tabletop roleplaying experience for Homestuck and SBURB itself. Some beta testers were let in, but to my knowledge rarely any of them are active in the community anymore or have divulged what the experience was like. It was cancelled because of its scope. I can't cite a source here because I got this information directly from the main developer on the project in the now-deleted MSPARP Discord server. (Different from the MXRP Discord server.)

You Don't Remember Me (Piano Improv)

cctv: (Composer)

Another rough draft of something that never turned out to be. Intended for the moment when rose realises that she's enhanced, not everything else corrupted.

Motif Mixture (Piano Improv)

cctv: (Composer)

Now a while back I believe I once mentioned I was planning on combining a bunch of motifs and passages into a single combined recording. This is not that recording. I became disenchanted with that idea a while back, this improv here is about the best I ever did. It really sucks, it's not clean or well-thought out at all. Really wouldn't be surprised if this never makes it to the final album.

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