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track cover

Austin, Atlantis

By Clark Powell (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitter).
Cover art by Nic Carey (Tumblr).
Released 6/12/2012.
Duration: 3:43.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Austin, Atlantis references:

Tracks that reference Austin, Atlantis:


Artist commentary:

Clark Powell:

Nothing inspires me more than spaces, regardless of whether they are real or virtual. Examples include cities, mountains, buildings, individual rooms, even entire planets (see Medium).

Austin is currently my real world home, and to imagine it flooded and empty is a fascinating thing. Should Dirk ever decide to explore beyond Houston, what forgotten worlds would he find in the other lost Texan fortresses?

The whole song was written to musically explore this sunken Austin, and to deliver a strong atmosphere and sense of place. The parts I used to piece together this portrait are the constituent Homestuck tunes, each of which I chose because of thematic applicability; they include Beatdown, Explore, Flare, and even Atomyk Ebonpyre.

To capture the same essence visually in the track art, I knew I could trust Tynic. She is an incredible background artist with an uncanny sense for colors and composition! I am so proud of her work here; the song just wouldn’t be the same without the accompanying artwork.

Additional fun fact: the entire song is played off key, detuned into the spaces between quartertones. The piano itself is significantly flat. This surprised me in how far it went toward making the song sound “sunken.”

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