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Battle Theme for the Lost at Heart

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By Robert J! Lake spellmynamewithabang Bandcamp YouTube YouTube spellbang Twitter.
Released 4/13/2016.
Duration: 2:42.

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Robert J! Lake: (Tumblr, excerpt)

See the above (Instructions on How to Fix the Future) for the context; a lot of themes of going against hopeless odds show up in Homestuck, anyway, and that’s one of my favorite themes to write for, in any guise (see also Curb Stomp the Finale, which is…not on this pre order). This kept more of the PSG/OPM Sega chip stuff in the current version, but I felt like the chorus needed more thump and less rump, so I gave it a dubstep bounce. This is not my area of expertise but it was really fun to put together even if I ended up having to export the chain through Maximus and import it back in as a sample to get the crushed dynamics without ruining the rest of the track.

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