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By Robert J! Lake spellmynamewithabang Bandcamp YouTube YouTube spellbang Twitter.
Released 4/13/2016.
Duration: 2:23.

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Artist commentary:

Robert J! Lake: (Tumblr, excerpt)

The above (TEAM_HeIR_sburb_alpha_v.06_fully_cracked.rar) was actually a section of this track I could never quite figure out how to incorporate, so I just split them. The idea here was pretty dumb, but it’s just “what if sburb was pirated? what would the keygen music sound like?” That’s what this is, it’s Homestuck keygen music. Pitched it for volume 5 to no avail.

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)